Lose 20 Pounds In A Month - Is It Even Possible

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How do you lose 20 pounds quick? Good question. It all depends on where you start. It depends on where you're coming from and what kind of sacrifices you're willing to make.

Look, there's really no secret on how to lose 20 pounds - click through the up coming post, in 2 weeks. It's definitely a lofty goal that requires some determination. However, if you want a guaranteed way to lose those extra pounds, I strongly suggest you go on a liquid diet.

If you could answer the question, "What do you want" with the degree of clarity that this woman did, I don't think you would ever have any difficulty reaching your health and fitness goals... or any other goal in your life, for that matter.

7) At the start of your 2 week weight loss program - you may wish to consider giving your body a detox / colon cleanse. It would be especially beneficial if you have ever eaten junk food or the wrong types of food over a long period of time. In fact it is essential you under take a colon cleanse because after years of eating the wrong foods that not only don't digest properly, they clog our colon with accumulated debris and toxic matter. It's this that leads to Bloating, and you having ExcessFat.

If you want to turn your body into a fat burning machine, then you must keep your muscle at all cost. Losing muscle along with fat, is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Muscle is the secret weapon and the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn. Even when you are sleeping. This is why weight training is so important - it helps to build and maintain muscle.

Cabbage soup is an excellent solution to burn calories with a couple of days. This is because it contains very less or minimal calories. A seven days cabbage soup diet plan will contain one fruit everyday along with the soup. You have to simply boil the cabbage in water. A little compromise on the taste will let you curtail the extra pounds. Add spices and pepper to enhance the taste a little. You can add extra calories every alternate day. Foods that are excluded from cabbage soup diet are sweet potatoes, beans, sweet corns and banana. Drink green tea stirred with brown sugar in between the meals.

Conclusion: Learning how to lose 20 pounds fast is not the difficult part. Carrying out the plan is always the most challenging aspect of looking your best in the shortest amount of time. Follow the above basics and you will gain a foothold on those next 20 pounds faster than you think.