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6.-9. Füssener Jöchle (1821m) & Ski Arena Tannheimer Tal / Austria

You can find 4 resorts that are ski the Tannheimer Tal in Austria, a maximum of half an hour far from Schwangau, certainly one of which will be Füssener Jöchle in Grän. It features a cable car, a 6-seater and 3 lifts that are regular. The piste through the top is 3.5 kilometres long.

The other ski resorts listed below are Neunerköpfle / Tannheim, Schattwald and Nesselwängle.

10. Jungholz Ski Centre / Jungholz Germany

About 40 moments away from Neuschwanstein castle is just a super family friendly ski centre with two special 4-seaters for kids plus one training lift. For grownups you will find 4 lifts that are regular. Snow machines provide snowfall garantuee.

You can find a lot more cross-country skiing/ nordic skiing opportunites which I will cover in a separate article. And across the piste if you get bored of downhill skiing, how about tryin snow-kiting, letting the wind in your kite pull you?

It's not hard to have the cold weather blahs if you're constantly indoors that are just sitting front associated with the TV, but how do you remain active if it is cool exterior? If you are wondering about ideas for fun winter tasks it is possible to enjoy together with your household, and looking for discounts on all the gear you need, further look no! Here are some handy techniques to survive the 2010 holidays in style, with a top 10 list of tasks ranging from the adventurous to the relaxed.
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