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Jack Speak is the oft indecipherable language spoken by Jack, Jenny and Royal. The latter are important as they act as translators between the RN and the Army. The RAF are left to fend for themselves, to the amusement of all. In common with English, the language is organic and new words come in, new words replace old ones, and some old words drop out of use all together. The base language is English, but contains many borrowed words from Indian, the Far East, Arabic, and just about any other language going. Other words are simply English words, or multiples of words to provide a nickname, usually longer than the 'proper' name. As examples 'foo foo powder' is talcum powder, and to 'pull up a bollard' is simply to 'sit down'. Confused? Well even the thickest Nozzer gets their head 'round it. They have to, they'd die of hunger if they didn't.