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The place that is Plymouth, or to be more precise, Devonport, a small town on the outskirts of the city. Populated by Janners.

Some interesting facts, if you're that way inclined:

Devonport is the largest Naval Base in Western Europe.

It covers over 650 acres;

It has 15 dry docks;

Four miles of waterfront;

25 tidal berths and 5 basins;

2,500 civilian and Service Personnel;

There is no number 13 dock;

It is the UK's only nuclear submarine repair facility, work having been completed for the Vanguard[1]class SSBN submarines.

A Very Brief History

1588 the ships that defeated the Spanish Armada sailed from the River Plym

1691 Stoke Damarel chosen as a nice place for a dockyard, as Plymouth seen as not inadequate. The dockyard went under the name of 'Dock Hamoaze'. Hamoaze is where the rivers Tamar, Tavey and Lynher meet.

Devonport went by the name of 'Plymouth Dock' until 1st January 1824, when it was re-named to Devonport.