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New recruit wanting to enlist as a chef
Chef girl
Another question, how long does it takes for a naval officer to get back to you after you application has been submitted and the application status is on an "overseas desk"?
I have absolutely no idea, sorry. I am a UK resident so I am really not qualified or have the resources needed to answer that.
Chef girl
Ok thank you
Hey! I’m applying to be a student nurse in the navy and I was wondering if you have any tips please?
I i was reading your posts from 2016,and was wondering how you got on with the MOD/RN, Did you manage to enlist and sort out your problem?.i am an armed forces veteran based at a tri-service station, my main trade was Comms but also doubled in the med centre. I hope you were able to fullfill your dream of joining the RN and wish you every success in the future Happy xmas and a peaceful new year Roger aka Maritair
Is there a clothing store at HMS Nelson? I'm a retired RN MO, and want to fill some gaps in my old uniform ready for the 40th Anniv of Op Corporate next year. If there is, a phone number [public exchange] would be much appreciated.
Hiya Jack did you know my brother
LMA Graham Hart he was on the the Glamorous Organ during the Falklands conflict Regards Ticker25 ex killick chef
Sorry pal. No. I was only 2 years old.
Thanks mate just saw the glamorgan reunion that was all
He was my LMA on the ill-fated Armilla Patrol just before the Falklands [I ended up down there on one of the stuft ships during the conflict].
Does anyone have any information on the PRNC that is done at MOD Caledonia, I know some information on it but I am quite nervous so was just looking to see if anyone has had there PRNC there. Cheers
I head to Caledonia on Monday did you end up with any information? Or have you been? I’m quite nervous
Would you share his name please? We were a small branch and as this was my era we may have known each other.By the way I am a male , my name should be Jan C(as I am from the West Country).
We have been through the same thing. I would advise going to a reputable ophthalmologist and get them to retest you. Then get them to write a letter which you should send off in the appeal letter. As long as you meet the requirements of course. Good luck.
Hello my dad served at Goshawk as aircraft engineer and became Petty Officer hs was one of the first to go out in November 1940
he never spoke much about his time and got very defensive if somebody said he the best place to be stationed in WW2
I have couple of photo’s of him whilst he was out there
i can’t find much information otherwise