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It has been just over 1 week since I sent my medical form and I am waiting for my call from the Nurse. In the meantime I am researching new career options that was offered to me after my RT test.
Application for the RN sent early December 2018.
RT Psych test booked for 8th January 2019 - passed with top marks.
Eye test booked at Boots for 9th January 2019 - passed.
Medical form and eye test report posted back to the AFCO on 11th January 2019.
Thought I would share my experiences during the application process as I go. Hopefully it can help others as some on Navy-Net have helped me :)
need help on online application im applying for the Navy reserves and i ave got to one of the last parts. its asking about have you had any responsibility . I have put down all what I have done but not suer how to word it all I keep putting words like I did this and I have done that. I repeat my self sometimes. I HAVE NOW SORTED IT OUT.
Then got in touch with the afco, about sorting a date for PRNC, sounds like April is most likely.
Havent updated this in a minute...

So, as I said, passed on the 30th of November, ran an 11.30, poor time tbh.
Emailed my forms straight over to my afco.
Followed up a few days later, there was a bit of a miscommunication there, but got sorted soon-ish.
Got them my papers et al Asap
Got a call during work on Monday (7th of Jan) which I missed, a start date for Raleigh, 26th of May accepted that via the portal
They've received my results, so some paperwork and then PJFT and PRNC, hopefully.

No more trip to Clyde though, it seems, which is a shame.
01-10-18) First medical - 96.9kgs, 96cm waist
22/10 - 97.6kgs
13-11-18) second medical - 90.1kgs, 87cm waist.

Medical passed. Next stage.
I went to the doctors with an uncomfortable stomach around a year ago and he suggested I may have IBS and gave me medication. Although I never took it and my stomach settled down after a week (think it was due to hormones/the time of the month) but im wandering in capita will mark me as medically unfit and im not sure the best way to go about it because I have to fill in my medical forms soon
So after some accidental arse-farting about, I called Capita today, got my next medical booked in for the 13th,

Just need to meet BMI or waist line restriction.
anything received will be appreciated, as with most service bods the more stupid the better, nothing that will melt or go off?
Is there any literature out there that you guys would recommend for joining up as a Warfare Officer/ BRNC prep?