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Just seen your thread and had the same news regarding my BRNC application. Nice to see we aren’t the only ones but it’s infuriating!
Thank you for the Youtube entry. Very much appreciated and with grateful tyhanks
You are welcome needhelp and thank you for the comment
Hi was wondering if you have had any success obtaining a copy of Warship, I particularly would hope to find a copy of Series 1 HMS Illustrious Any information would be greatly appreciated Ian
Please help
My son is due to join in may however was asked to do peak flow for a week which he did with reading that were I believe to be good. after his paper review its now been passed to SMO .He has never had any respiratory problems ever My question is how long at the moment are these reviews taking (heard horror stories)

Many Thanks
I was an officer steward firstly traing at HMS CERES as a junior assistant steward left in dec 1951 to RN barracks DRAKE Devonport joined my FIRST SHIP Jan 1952 became a STEWARD became a steward onboard left in sept 1954 joined my second ship HMS GIRDLENESS joined my third ship HMS COOK I became a leading steward left ship after the far east commission 18 months from home demobed in Jan 1960
Hi Doc,

I'm thinking of applying from the RAF as a Rank to a Commission in the RN - I saw one of your posts, would it be possible to ask you a few questions?

Cheers Bill
I'm looking to join the royal navy as a chef apprentice but I'm wondering whether anything would be altered as I am a trans male (female to male) I wondered about the accommodations and where my living quarters would be would anyone be able to help please?
65th anniversary of operation Musketeer this year I served in HMS Eagle what,if anything,is
I was at Beacon Hill W/T Station at Chattenden1964/5 just before leaving the service. 6 members, Chief Fagg, me LREM Kirkden & 6 REMS & Trixie the dog!
I recall that place, but i didn't look after the accounts until much later. it was always a good 'check' to go there via the pub ! ;)
Davy Jones
Been back a few times, the pub ( The George, I think) went quite a few years ago.

i saw you mentioned a new format for the vAIB? have you had yours yet? mine was cancelled in October and waiting for reschedule but haven't heard anything about different format.

Sorry, i've also just seen one of your posts on a different thread about your 3 year wait and lack of communication. I have to say im in completely the same position... now going on 4 years in the bloody application process. My sift was back in February and i'm also now concerned that i've been put to the back of the AIB queue since my initial one from October was cancelled.