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Hi Ruby, did you ever join the submarine service in the end?
Asking because I am a playwright writing a piece of theatre about female submariners and I'm desperately trying to find some females to speak to about their experience! I've spoken to loads of men that have served in the submarine service but women are much harder to come across!
left in 2007 after 23 years service as a WO2 took full commutation can anyone let me know roughly what my pension will increase to this year at 55
I'm also from a Commonwealth country and I too am very interested in joining the Royal Navy. I've searched everywhere for the rules applied for commonwealth citizens on applying but didn't find much luck in this matter. If you could share your experience on the constraints you faced while applying, It would be a big help.
Ex 21, Army no:2423****
Trooper, HQ Squadron.
Mmmm - Were you on the balcony too? (Nowt to be coy about - appreciate somebody had to water the flowerbox :WINK:
Sandy Lid
Sandy Lid
I saw the balcony from across the road, it had 2,000 blokes on it, so I jogged off
hi ive seen you saying your son is joining the navy what training is he doing thanks :D
10 weeks basic training, then 5 months further training to become a marine engineer
Free cars for veterans and Disabled veterans car donation are running to help vets and make pride them for their work they can also part in Salvation army car donation. Free cars for charity request you to donate a car to a veteran's charity program so we can help veterans.
At age 55, your AFPS 05 EDP income will be 75% of pension value (plus CPI) That will continue to age 65 when you claim your pension (don't forget, you do have to claim it!). The pension will be higher than the EDP income has been unless you have a Pension Sharing Order (following a divorce). Email me if you need more [email protected]
Sorry that was short and sweet but they only give you 420 characters. M
I served in the RN from December 1990 but only for a short time. I am sure that I was issued with ID tags (dog tags), but can't be certain, my minds a little hazy. Can anyone put me straight on this matter. If I remember they were on a metal chain , they were disc shaped, you had two of them and they had yor name on , service number and blood type.Am I correct or was I day dreaming.
hi bro how are you doing, please i want to make some enquires from you i dont know if you can share me your contact im from nigeria also