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Is there any literature out there that you guys would recommend for joining up as a Warfare Officer/ BRNC prep?
Got my response from Capita today. TMU for BMI, which I knew already.

So, gotta actually sort out my weight. Then I should be all good.

Getting flights to Scotland as well.

All's good.
Went to my medical last Monday (time flies) pretty simple. if a bit odd, but mehh.

Was fine, passed it all apart from BMI and eye-sight thought the later was more a 'wasn't sure'. My eyesight is fine and I dont wear glasses, so i assume ill be put through for that. Obviously need to lose weight (big surprise)
And wants more details from the GP.

Otherwise, today, was offered a trip to HMNB Clyde, which sounds great.
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Finally settled into HMS Sultan for the long ride ahead. Ready to get stuck into LETQC and looking forward to the leadership course in December
CAPITA call today. Breezed through with a hail of 'nopes'
Booked an actual medical for next Monday, in London.

It feels like every time I get past a step, they add two more, but nearly there... I think.
Eye test and medical all done and written up, sending it off tomorrow. Taken too long already to be honest, but oh well.

Weight loss, weight loss, weight loss.

Otherwise, strangely confident.
Eye test booked. Vetting sent off. Medical pretty much done, waiting to go see me GP.

Did another run, managed 9.58.
Just worried about the weight now.
Did a run... 1.5 miles. 10 minutes 38. Didn't start running until about 20 seconds, but want to get sub 10 minutes.
Interview done.
Medical and Eye test up next.

Got given an impromptu eye test in TheGlassesShop, found out I have a slight mismatch in my eyesight, but it's 20/20 or there abouts
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