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hi ive seen you saying your son is joining the navy what training is he doing thanks :D
10 weeks basic training, then 5 months further training to become a marine engineer
Free cars for veterans and Disabled veterans car donation are running to help vets and make pride them for their work they can also part in Salvation army car donation. Free cars for charity request you to donate a car to a veteran's charity program so we can help veterans.
At age 55, your AFPS 05 EDP income will be 75% of pension value (plus CPI) That will continue to age 65 when you claim your pension (don't forget, you do have to claim it!). The pension will be higher than the EDP income has been unless you have a Pension Sharing Order (following a divorce). Email me if you need more [email protected]
Sorry that was short and sweet but they only give you 420 characters. M
I served in the RN from December 1990 but only for a short time. I am sure that I was issued with ID tags (dog tags), but can't be certain, my minds a little hazy. Can anyone put me straight on this matter. If I remember they were on a metal chain , they were disc shaped, you had two of them and they had yor name on , service number and blood type.Am I correct or was I day dreaming.
hi bro how are you doing, please i want to make some enquires from you i dont know if you can share me your contact im from nigeria also
Current update - I passed my PRNC and I couldn't be happier, and prouder!!

Am now currently healing from an injury I got on the 4km squad run, then it's back to training and waiting for Raleigh in November.

Anyone is welcome to DM me for info on the PRNC :) few little things have changed from what I had found out before I went in.
HI there. any chance we could have a chat about the interview? My daughter is up for one shortly and could do with all the help & experience. Cheers
I'm so sorry, I've only just seen this message. Would be happy to help .
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- I have since then received my Raleigh intake date which is November (later than originally told unfortunately)

- Following day I received the date for my PRNC which is beginning of April

And now we wait...and train :)
- Then finally, I had my formal interview. Dressed up smart, did some research and after a stressful hour and a 30min wait, I was told that I had passed. Huge relief and happiness is an understatement - 4 March

- Security form submitted online 11 March
- DBS form sent the same week, as well as all paperwork for Residency Waiver