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Hi, I've left a review on Amazon for you. Well done! I do recommend, though, that you do a little more editing as there are several typos. One of the key things I noticed was the repetition of words within a few lines - this will often happen and you, the author, won't notice or be able to see it. I'm not an expert - as you have seen, but I found autocrit to be invaluable as a way of identifying what you won't see.
Psych test done.
"Although, I'll chop your arm off to get you in as a chef"
"I'm recommending you don't go in as a chef"
"That's one of the highest scores I've ever seen"

I think I did alright.

Probably will go ETME though.
Hello guys I Done my recruitment test a couple months ago and failed but going back in October by any chance will the questions be the same thanks in regards
I joined at HMS Raleigh on September 1st 1969 ( D112869v) for my basic training of 6 weeks, Captains Guard at the passing out parade 12th October 1969 ( Captain J.F. Wier)

Served at HMS DRYAD (1969-1970) HMS Drake (1970 - 1971) HMS ASHANTI ( 1971-73) BRNC Dartmouth ( 1973-75) HMS Ark Royal (1975-77) HMS Osprey (1977 - 78) LSR 9 YEARS ( Leading Cook)

Photo would be appreciated.

Best Wishes

Richard Hooper
You are looking for some background on your grand-father Robert Hugh Pizey? I think my mother was briefly married to him just after the war. They were divorced in 1948. If I'm right you might like to get in touch.
My dad was in the 1952 Chatham field gun crew also if you still have any photos of that team it would be fantastic to see them.
Ben Hancock
Hi Guzzman, I've been scrolling all over the internet recently trying to get hands on a copy of HMS Brilliant. Just seen your posts about having a copy of the DVDs and was wondering if I could purchase a copy from you? Chances are this forum isn't used anymore but incase it is, could anyone help me out?
Passed out of HMS Raleigh yesterday, Nelson Division. 30 years after my Dad passed out of the same division. Proud day for all