It's regarded as a total joke by our American Naval friends, 4 billion each and they won't even use them. As for the railgun, you should see how much power they require to fire even once, way more than a warship can muster. There's also good reason we moved away from that design of hull long, long ago.

A white elephant in the truest sense. I also suggest staying away from the comments section of that article, it's brought out the fuckwits in droves again.


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The USN desperately wants to scrap the third hull while on the stocks, its that bad.

the USN has MAJOR problems ahead - the Burke class basic hull form and design dates back to the early 1980s and will be in use till the 2070s. Other than LCS (think fast attack craft on steroids) they've not built a genuinely new ship design since the 1990s.

There is real worry about how they'll replace the DDG51s given the political interference in the process, the skills fade and the lack of investment in new hulls or building techniques. The RN looks seriously swept up by comparison, and even with the T45 challenges, they look enviously at the hull and its capabilities.
What a lot of you have missed is that, yes, it will be a hugely expensive albino mammoth, but disregarding the railgun bit (sadly I have to agree with Monty on that) it is all technology that we were working on/with during T45 design. In fact the UK in the guise of DERA/QinetiQ/DSTL were at the cutting edge of all this stuff. If you recall, we built a third scale (I think) test platform trimaran as a technology demonstrator, which was a very brave move from UK plc and a lot of what you see now is carry through from that. All the basic ideas are good, the FSS superstructure etc, even the tumble home hull (how many people actually KNOW what that means?).

Again, I have to agree with Monty regarding the comments in the Mail - so funny and just a bit sad that folk comment on stuff they haven't got a Scooby about!
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