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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stirling2, Mar 13, 2008.

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  1. Looks good.

    It may be electric but the power still has to come from somewhere though - ie you plug it into the mains to charge it up!

    So, if all the boy racers have one and decide to charge them up, the demand to the power station/national grid goes up and how is most power generated? By oil, gas or nuclear fuel.

    This is not rocket science - at the end of the day, the car must get its power from somewhere so unless you have your own personal wind generator or hydro-electric plant you are still creating a carbon footprint!

  2. It's also good that it can run on really clean electricity that wasn't generated in a not particularly efficient power station several tens of miles, with attendant transmission losses, from the battery charging point. It didn't say that, though, did it.

    In all fairness, quite an impressive machine. It's also a practical means of running a car on coal when the oil and gas runs out.
  3. "It may be electric but the power still has to come from somewhere though - ie you plug it into the mains to charge it up!"

    Never forget, there is no such thing as an "All-electric anything" as McCloggie so correctly notes. The sooner people realise this the better. As I noted in another stream earlier this month global warming is a con and a means of taxing us more. Just because so many people believe it doesn't make it right.
    Sterling is also right - the shortfall will have to come from somewhere. That will be our wallets. The more people that give up tabs, quit boozing and drive green cars the worse off we'll all be. Buy a Landrover, go to Tesco and fill it with cheap booze and encourage your oppos to keep on tabbing.......
    The voice of reason speaks.
    Anyone going to bite?

  4. Full agreement----no bite :thanks: :thanks:

    My Land rover is diesel -------the supposed greener fuel compared to petrol ---------however somehow the fuel duty is higher than petrol.

    Green ----the only green people are the ones that believe the shite that spouts from Liebour.

    Another gem --the conservation /greens decided long ago to have bans on new houses with solid fuel fires --smokeless zones. However they are now complaining that the landfill sites for rubbish can't handle the domestic waste --------in the days of open fires most of the household rubbish was burned and never reached the bin .

    :nemo: :nemo:
  5. My landy is also diesel. I buy my wine and beer anywhere it is on offer, but I must confess I did quit tabs in 03.......

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