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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by drunkensailor, Jul 30, 2011.

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  1. Hi, bit of a random question.
    Would anyone happen to know from which company the CANMANs etc order the Zippo Lighters with the Ship's crests engraved on them. I've been tasked to make a bulk order with a new crest, and was wondering if there was one company or a number.

    If anyone has any ideas, I'd much appreciate them.
  2. janner

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  3. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Er Zippo...?

    You can, and I have, sent a fcuked one back to them for repairs. Go into a tab shop with a pen and paper, look in a new zippo lighter holder for the paperwork that comes with one and all the details for you to get in touch will be there.
  4. Talking of zippos, if anybody ever comes across one engraved with a dragon on one side, an eagle on the other and a name and service no on the lid,'s mine. Stolen in Guz, along with my ciggies from a bar counter.

    Please punch the present 'owner' in the throat.
  5. got a very nice one just 200 made navy crest udr badge and ruc crest all together on one side and tri ops on the other along with op banner dates
  6. Had a nice one from USS Little Rock, a few years ago.
    Didn't buy it, in those days it was the trend to grippo an Elmer !! :)
  7. You can order them from Zippo UK themselves by contacting the company on 0208 964 0666 or by e-mailing:

    [email protected]

    That's your best option, as I would imagine that the company makes an effort to maintain a high standard when it comes to engraving etc.

    Further details and a catalogue here:

    Zippo UK
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  8. Did you get this sorted out?
  9. My entire collection of Zippos was stolen a few years back. I have been searching ever since to replace them. There are a few companies out there that will engraves ships crests on, but the are simple engraving only, not colour.

    If anyone knows when I can obtain replacement Zippo's I would be very grateful.

    I tried contact Zippo directly, they admitted they made the originals for the NAAFI, but said they do not have the ability to replace the lost ones. (I was willing to pay.) ;-)
  10. Zippo themselves do colour engraving, but you might need to pay extra for your particular requirements, Mark:

    Zippo UK Promotional Products
  11. I did contact Zippo a while ago, but they only seemed interested if I would place an order for a large quantity. I want a few, but each one different. But I will contact them again to see if I can talk someone in to making them for me.


  12. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    It might be worth posting a list of the specific ones you're after; there may be some members on RR who have some laying around in drawers that they no longer need who might give them to you (for a small charitable donation, of course...) :thumbleft:
  13. Believe me, I will happily make a donation for them. The ones I am after are:

    HMS Antrim (Circa 82 if possible)
    HMS Intrepid
    HMS Fisgard
    HMS Collingwood
    HMS Osprey

    The others I have managed to locate through eBay and other sites.
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  14. You could always try joining ROMFT- Seafarers Forum as that site tends to attract the more *ahem* senior ex-matelot, many of whom belong to just about every association going mob-wise. Maybe someone on there has what you require
  15. I hve an Unused Boxed 801 Squadron Sea Harrier one.

    Must be worth a fortune :thumbright:
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  16. I guess I qualify under the "senior ex-matelot" rule..... ;-)
  17. Genuine Zippo?

    In Temple Street Market, Kowloon a few years ago, I saw a stall which dealt exclusively with Zippo lighters. Unlike many of the stalls powered by trailing leads from nearby shops, this one was illuminated by hurricane lamps. The trader enthusiastically insisted they were genuine Zippos, showing me the relevant sustificates...

    I specifically asked about one, which showed what appeared to be a Crab roundel and the outlines of two Tornado aircraft.

    "Is this one genuine?"
    "Yes, yes, genuine, genuine".

    It read "Op Desert Strom 1991".

    Like a fool, I didn't buy it.
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  18. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    if you are happy with a new one...


    Pick yourself up a nice onesie while you're there...
  19. As a ROMFT member I sesemble that remark, though I have disposed of ALL the Zippo lighters grippoed from gullable yanks I still do havea Granny in the MauMau:blob8:

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