I am not sure, but I suspect that the whole of Italy should have a whip round for him, it almost certainly secured them the cup.



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Nice to see the Italians win it. With the state of all things football in their country this was an opportunity to retain a little of their national pride and dignity ..... until that plank goaded Zidane into head-butting him.

As to what he said ? Something like "Your mother was sired by a three legged camel" might have done it. Who knows, but I suspect there is already an army of lip readers out there trying to make it out.
It's like I said to a man in the pub last night, what ever he said, does it really matter, what they going to do to Zidane?

Ban him for 3 matches, dock him 2 months wages. Shame he couldn't have done it to C Ronaldo instead, they would have probably given him the freedom of Paris.
I think the baiting has been going on almost since they started playing games, they have a name for it in cricket which escapes me at present.

On the BBC news last night (not perhaps the most authorative source these days but a trifle above the Sun) they had a lip reader look at the tape but were only able to see the Italians mouth, he started of quite friendly and then changed to the type of insults reported, but it seemed clear that Zidane had also spoken, perhaps he just got some of his own back and didn't like it.

Apparently also this was not the first time Zidane had cracked in a high pressure game. There does seem to be perhaps more to it than just a few well chosen words in Italian.


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