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Zeebrugge Raid +90 - 23rd April 2008


Planning ahead a bit with some colleagues who visit sites of interest on the near continent.

We're considering Zeebrugge, possibly chartering from Harwich (one of our number sails) - but we're open to ideas.

Has anyone any info on what are usual commemorations, or anything specific for the 90th?. 23rd will be a Wednesday, so will it be Sunday w/e before/after ?.

Of course, if there are any spare berths on one of HM Ships ........ we'll be at the back of a large queue.



Anyone know if there was any commemoration last weekend?.

Also, will be at Gavrelle this weekend. Any booties out for the anniversary?.


Lantern Swinger
I'm sure Capt Chris Page from the NHB will have been there; he's going over to Ypres later this year for Passchendaele 90th commemorations (and I'll be doing a four-page feature in Navy News on the RND in the battle).

We'll also be doing something on Zeebrugge 90 and probably the last 100 days to victory.

As for Gavrelle, if you go to the NN website you can read a four-page account of the battle/Bloody April in the free download of our April edition.



Thanks for that, although I've now been and come back.

For those with CWGC map of cemeteries, the church near the base of the mole seems to have sold its graveyard for the purposes of pedestrian area of contemplation and a crazy golf course (I kid you not). This adds to the long-standing amenities of the urinals built into the wall (ie the wall itself) of the church.

Various plaques commemorating participating units are now consolidated into one memorial at the base of the mole. Numerous recent Gerbes (wreaths & suchlike) from the local dignataries and Belgian forces as well as RNA.

A part-time Pongo myself, so I'll have to hunt down NHB. It'll give me something to do.

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