YouTube: Matelots - Duck Sauce - Barbra Streisand ...... & HMS Albion (IFT 2011)


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So what your saying is all the biggest pricks come from Oz?

Learn something new everyday, never knew you were an hossifer as well. A picture is forming.


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I can't watch it because the fun police at work have blocked Youtube, but I can pretty much guess that it's another lame attempt to emulate the awesomeness that was those pongos doing the Amarillo thing on Telic.

Best matelot vid on youtube?

Do a search for 'navy ice skating race' or words to that effect, if you come to a short vid of two stokers on a carrier, you're on.

It's epic.

I'm not smart enough to find this. Anybody got a link?

Deleted 493

I'm not smart enough to find this. Anybody got a link?

No. But some of us were doing it before those ********* were born.


Dizzy. Newcastle 1994.


Deleted 493

The YOs one was better. You should be ashamed, now give me 3:36 of my life back.

Well, we managed four recorded, broadcast programmes and a live, studio, SRE-produced four hour telethon whilst the ship's company were 'required on board' during a security exercise at East Cove.


Oh, and several gigs with the ship's band, 'Goggles Must Be Worn', a shoreside rave at Port Ops and a full-production Xmas pantomime (Jack and the Beanstalk- played to 450 people in the bottom bar at MPA).

Miming to a track? Piece of piss. Bohemian Rhapsody? Not even ******* close.

Newcastle Television? Legendary.

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