YouTube: Matelots - Duck Sauce - Barbra Streisand ...... & HMS Albion (IFT 2011)


War Hero
Welcome back Jim

Don't welcome him back Stirl, he's a fuckin pest keeps coming on here making walt claims.
****** told me he was allowed out on his own. Bastard dreamer.
And he's been to the seaside and I bet we get **** all rock, tight twat, he'll spin some tail about being busy, but we will know.
The only reason he don't like the vid is cus he aint in it. Sour grapes.:-D


War Hero
I thought that I was one of the most miserable bastards on here but found that very amusing.

Not quite 'Amarillo' granted, but not a bad effort.


War Hero
Troop him Stix go on, go on, you know you want to, no guts, two tins. Get his rum stopped.

Well what a fuckin oppo you turned out to be.
And anyway he would have to catch me to troop me and I always could outrun Bootnecks.
When you're a rude gobby bastard you have to learn this skill.
You should know this:laughing2:

And he won't come near me as he knows he owes me a stick of rock, the tight bugger, he probably traded it for a blow job in Tripoli or somewhere.

I expect this from you and Stirling though as you were a pair of scabby stokers.
The Purple and shitty empire:laughing2:

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