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Maybe I'm just getting old but I found myself appalled when my friend called to ask if she could pop in for a brew...

She was driving her son to my street so that he could do his paper round.

Now, I seem to remember carrying two, very large, very heavy paper bags and walking miles on the plush estates where I grew up (businessmen, doctors, lawyers and a pro boxer lived there) on Saturdays for £1.75 and Sunday for £2.25. Once I had started earning, I no longer got pocket money either. I didn't (and still don't) see that as wrong. I earned my money and spent it on things that I needed and saved for things that I wanted.

Nor were we ever off school because of snow and when I slipped on black ice in the school playground, dislocating my shoulder and fracturing my shoulder, elbow and wrist, my family didn't sue the school and there was no big health and safety investigation.

Is it just me or are kids too mollycoddled these days?


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The lazy bloody F**ker. If I had of asked for a lift to do my paper round my
parents would have still been laughing now.
It goes to show what sort of society we live in when we have help the kids do their paper cround. I bet the mum does not get half the paper money.
No bloody wonder the little sods are walkin blue whales when they cant arsed to do thier own paper round.
Rant over thats better :D :D
Although there are exceptions.

The other week when Gosport shut down due to all the snow, my post didn't get delivered for a week and the bins were left standing in the ice and snow for nearly two weeks.

However the paperboy always managed to get to the front door and get the right newspaper onto the hall carpet. I almost asked him if he'd empty the bins and collect the post for a few extra quid.

He'll get well paid next Christmas!

Edited to add: Yes, he's probably one of the minority who isn't a lazy fcker.


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I mollycoddle my kids....!

After news at 10 tonight, the weather announced impending torrential rain from 05 dubs tomorrow. So I said to my 15 YO girl;
'Have you found your wet-legs for your paper round?'
'No!' she says.
'Well wear your wellies then' I said. :twisted:

My 12 YO girl ensures ALL the eggs are collected in the garden, the hens, ducks and goats are fed & watered, regardless of the weather and BEFORE she sits down to her wheaties, and before she GETS THE BUS to school with her sister at 08 dubs. (Admittedly, we do spoil her as we pay her bus fare) :D

They both do their own washing & ironing

My eldest lad though was the most spoilt;
Two paper rounds
Animal duties (feeding/walking etc)
Kitchen duties (after all meals)
Ironing, washing & drying duties (only his own stuff)
General dogsbody runner....

So what does he do? Go's and joins bombers! 8O

Top tip, if you want your kids to make their own life, Make them work!

And Little R12 (9YO)....... I'll be letting him go to bed when he's finished cleaning my Landy in about 15 mins :wink:
I have to admit I drove my eldest on his paper round for a couple of weeks. In my defence he had broken his arm and I never got out of the car which p1ssed him off a bit as I said if I get out, I get his wages.


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If i had asked my old man for a lift for anything he could of called me cheeky little shit and told me to walk. I started work at 13, at that point lost any pocket money i got and have done all my washing and ironing for years and years.

I remember breaking my arm when i was younger, when i got home and showed my dad (the bone poking out under the skin) he was slightly anoyed as he was watching football and now had to take me to hospital.

If i did something wrong then out came the slipper. If a parent hit a kid with a slipper now the social services would know doubt have a field day. I was to scared to get caught and that's how it should be.

Kids today are as soft as andrex. I used to play fight with my dad as he said it would make me tough, i remember one day i was getting bigger and cocky so thought i could take him. The bugger broke my nose and told me he will always be the boss.

Ahhhhhh, the good old days.


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I've banned what I call attitude tv. Those lippy Yank Disney channels showing Hanna monfcukntanna, The bitches of watersports place, to name a few.


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jjp23 said:
If i did something wrong then out came the slipper. If a parent hit a kid with a slipper now the social services would know doubt have a field day. I was to scared to get caught and that's how it should be.
Ahhhhhh, the good old days.
Slipper? (from Ripping Yarns) 'Your lucky..!' :lol:

I got the Scholl...! Remember those? Fecking 'Clog-O-the 70's'.
My mam (bless her, who was also my Local Acting Dad following divorce) once threw one at me in the living room. It bounced off my head and went through the (single pane) window...!!!! 8O 8O


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I got to agree with witsend these ynk kids programs give kids the wrong
idea. I was watching telly one time as a kid and I thought I could answer
back like kids on the telly very bad idea. These days they would just phone

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