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Your Views Wanted: CarillionAmey - Poll Closing Soon!

CarillionAmey took over the UK-wide contract for Service Family Accommodation (SFA) in November/December 2014. They offer a ‘one-stop service’ for all SFA matters, from allocation to maintenance.

We would like your feedback on the service offered by CarillionAmey, which we will use to inform key stakeholder meetings.

This survey focuses on the service provided by CarillionAmey since November 2014 for Scotland and Northern Ireland, and December 2014 for the rest of the UK.

The results of this survey are anonymous. However, you can add your personal details at the end of the survey if you would like the NFF to pursue your comments.

This poll closes on 10 February.

Click here to take part:
Anyone else thinking that CarillionAmey is causing a bigger mess than needed?

I was in Stansted over the weekend and noticed that Carillion were doing the improvement works inside the airport. Nothing really to it (the shopping facility is actually beginning to look rather nice) but, while waiting for my wife while she was using the ablutions facility, the workforce took no notice of passengers trying to make their way past the works. They just stepped out, almost smacking people across the head with some quite heavy equipment, not really giving any kind of damn whatsoever. Then I remembered that these are the people that the MOD has trusted to run our infrastructure.

Spies, missiles and bullets won't stop the MOD or the Armed Forces from working effectively. CarillionAmey will.
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