Your probably all a bit too skin for this but.....


Veterans in Sefton CIO.

At our Veterans NAAFI BREAK this morning I was asked if I could find the time to visit a former Bootneck who has not long to go before his final draft.
The Royal is now in a care home and his wife has asked if there is anyone that knows him who would be willing to send a message (via me) with any dits from their time together.
His name is Frank Oaks, his Service Number given is RN 8930 (the RN might be wrong), he served between 1948 and 1955 . He was in Malaya as part of 3 Cdo Brigade.
If your local and would also like to visit he is now at the Cambridge Court, Cambridge Rd, Seaforth, Merseyside. L22 1RQ
I'm going to visit either tomorrow afternoon or Friday.
Cheers Marty.

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