Your prayers needed...

I remember that he told me a story one time about after he was drafted. He had gone AWOL to see my grandmother and was trying to get back in the base after the gates had been shut. Apparently, the only way in was under a henhouse. So he tries to get in, befouling his uniform in the process, and when he stands up inside the base, there's his Platoon Sgt. His Platoon Sgt. buried it of course (can't blame a man for wanting to see his new bride), but my grandfather said the punishment details were long and varied.
if you have the chance.. tell him you love him.... hold his hands.
be with him till the last..........
i know how your and your family are in my thoughts.
Know that we are here for you......... we are only a button away..
Only just caught your posting Jarhead. Mate - my sincere condolences on your loss. Difficult times for families but take some consolation in the time he had and remember the good stuff.

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