Your post-budget beer prices

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by lsadirty, Mar 29, 2008.

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  1. Since the last budget increased the amount of tax we pay on beer/anything alcoholic, how much are you paying for a pint these days ? My local in Guzz (on an estate, not the City Centre) charges £2.50 for a pint of John Smith's Smooth.
    The supermarket downstairs charges £1.33 for a 2 litre bottle of quite palatable cider (up 7p a bottle), so no guesses where I'll be for the Liverpool-Everton match tomorrow afternoon, and what I'll be drinking.....
  2. Still paying £2.35 for a pint of Pedigree, same as before budget, perks of living in a poverty stricken dump I suppose!

  3. In the supermarket electrical section? :thumright:

    Have a nice match
  4. Believe it or not, it's only 4.2 %, unlike the White Lightning/Rock/Diamond White Amazing mind Removal Service - quite a good drop of stuff chilled.
  5. Strongbow up from £2-90 to £3-20.Ouch!!
  6. West Bank area of York, £1-70 for a pint of Smudge, centre of town you can add a squid to that price. :pissed:
  7. I am still paying approximately 5 euros for 5 litres of 5% lager in the local Mutant supermarché. Not great but almost drinkable, just like any other lager including so-called premium lagers and probably cheaper in Spain. I am waiting for the next visitors coming by car with a couple of crates of Hopback Summer Lightning in the boot for me.

    Actually that should read 6 litres, there are 24 x 25cl bottles to the box, my mental arithmatic is obviously being affected by the cheap beer.
  8. At this rate Spanish brandy will be cheaper than beer! :lol:
  9. £1.85 for a pint of Worthies in St Budeaux Workies , going up to £2.00 a pint tonight , better than ending up with a pocket full of bloody 5 pences or worse all that copper .
  10. is this the reason why a select bunch of CPO's go over to france once a year (so thats 6 refills per year) and buy close to a ton of wine/beer.
    £10 pompeii to cherbourg, 40 for the tranny, split it out and there you are cheap beer/wine - f*ck of Darling
  11. whn i said tranny i didnt mean a good looking bird with meat and two veg but a van for loading said illicit tax free booze
  12. Sam Smiths bitter is now a horrendous £1.48 a pint, they put 15p on the price a few weeks ago.
  13. I'm rather pleased with a Pint of anything for 2 euros now.
  14. Is that in Sinclairs? It's still worth the £1.50...

    At work (out in deepest, darkest Yorkshire) we're selling Timothy Taylor's and Copper Dragon for £3.25 a pint now...
  15. It's actually in Eccles in Salford believe it or not, just wandered into a Sam Smiths pub a few months ago and developed a taste for the brown ale they do.

    I'm working in central Manchester at the mo and it's nearly £3 for a decent pint of Guinness. £3.25 a pint seems a bit steep though

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