your nightmare commissions mine HMS DANAE

Discussion in 'History' started by scouse, Mar 26, 2008.

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  1. the happenings during a twelve month far east tour 72/ Gaurd ship in H/K scrambled to search for a China airliner lost at sea half the ships company ashore at the time including the Capt and Nav/ the Gunnery officer attempted to take her to sea .Ran her aground at the entrance of the harbour / 6 months in dry dock H/K mess funds empty and everyone broke /wrote the helicopter off in Singapore with tail rotar failure at 500ft top it all 2 guys get sent down in N/Z for murder /can you out do that /scouse?
  2. Hi Scouse
    I was on Danae during that commish and remember the grounding and emergency docking very well. I thought it was just me but I felt she was a very unhappy ship and I was glad to get off her in Singers when I qualified for my buttons.
    I still have good buddies from ships I served on more than 40 years ago but none from the Danae and very few happy memories of that time.
  3. Scouse even at Lossie you were a Jonah :wave:
  4. have a few contacts for you if you pm me with your e mail details
  5. always thought it was Charlie Bicks on your Sqdn 801 :thumright:
  6. Charlie was on 800, and yes he did lose more than his fair share of aircraft. :thumright:
  7. kinell not 229 ?and 634? 13 unlucky for some
  8. He refused to work on any aircraft where the numbers totalled 13 after those. ^_^;
  9. Never realised that he was the Killick of both those Cabs. Im of to the pub ! for a tot of pussers :crazy: :crying:
  10. Not sure if they were both his but he did lose two, both pilot error though of course the board of enquiry did their best to hang the maintainers.
    I liked Charlie, once you got used to his point of view he was a good bloke, especially if you were in trouble ashore :thumright:

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