Your most enjoyable means of exercise?


I thought it might be interesting to discuss your favourite most enjoyable means of exercise?

For me its definitely cycling, I love being able to cycle huge distances or just short ones. Also it's fun to invite friends on cycling trips. It also gives me the chance to visit places I may not of had the means to before. (I don't drive neither do my relatives) My most recent cycle trip was to a castle in the Welsh Hills. So how about you?


War Hero
With age the body can no longer take the punishment of my youth, and excessive training.
So now days swimming, gentle gym work and walking the dog, anything that keeps the heart a pumping and the muscles and joints moving, what I call exercise to keep me as fit as possible for the rest of my life, hopefully a few more decades on the clock.
Looking at Billy’s most posted thread helps????;)
In no particular order
1. Slamming in fencing posts round the field (to keep the nags in).
2. Chopping wood
3. Walking to the pub
4. See post 3


Squash, swimming, Running/Walking. I find Yoga quite motivating too (I know it's not exercise, but it gets you in that state of mind)
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