Your last session/workout!

I have lost my running mojo and for the last few months have been doing a bit here and there, the new work routine played havoc with my preferred early moring (05:00) plod. Lunch and Afternoon runs have been poor.

New showers at work means I can now bang out a 05:00 run, quick breakfast and in the car to work, showered and up stairs to the office!!! Boom the mojo is back, great run this morning albeit a bit cold but I loved it. Next race Cambourne 10K in April (Cambs not Kernow).
1.5 mile run to the gym - 11:18
100 sit ups (3x30 1x10)
60 push ups (3x20)
2.09 mile jog home - 20:01

Been having shin splints/calf strain so resting it today :(
I reccomend downloading the Army Fit app. It's got a good work out plan for sit ups etc and the instructors aren't allowed to swear at you, they also make me feel less lonely and dead inside as well as making me want to live for another day.


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I did 6. 1/4 mile in my best time in 40:13 the other day !
Going for a gentle jog tonight after a heavy weekend.
What's peoples 1.5 times ?
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Swim session yesterday.

Did 50m every 2 mins. Faster I went the more rest I got. Did 15x50 (half an hour) 100m legs only then went home.

Swimming is my weakness so I'm working on it a lot.
Going to do a practice 1.5 tomorrow, I'm sure this has been asked a thousand times bitbare the fitness tests outside or on a treadmill? I'm 10:37 outside and 9:58 on treadmill.
3 rounds of:
10 chins
23 push ups.
I was chatting and bullshittibg between rounds so I wasn't breaking any world records with the time

140kg 2x5

Then practice rope climbs till I felt like I really had them down.
Finished with 5 rounds of
1 rope climb with hands only and 10 press ups.

Pretty much only doing dips, push ups, pull ups and TRX rows for upper body till I get through Raleigh. And running\swimming daily.
If I touch something half decent on the squat and dead once a week I'm happy, but legs are getting generally feeling pretty fatigued when I get in the gym.

The rope is only a 16 footer, 30 will be an interesting challenge.