Your last session/workout!

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by pumber21, Aug 8, 2015.

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  1. Hi All

    I'm Pumber, originally applied to join the bootnecks but have since changed and am going for ET(WE).

    Over on the RM forum they have a sticky thread similar to this which I think is a great way for us all to stay accountable for our phys and also gain some new training ideas. If it isn't wanted I'm sure a mod will sort it out.

    The idea is you post what your last phys session was - and check out other people's too!

    Anyway... i'll start -

    30 minutes core conditioning
    1.5 mile run
    14 mile bike
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  3. 4 pints of Tuborg, an unspecified number of G&Ts, possibly some neat Jack Daniels and 2 bags of Brannigan's roast beef and mustard crisps.
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  4. Carbs my friend... All important carbs...
  5. 7.5 Mile Run Saturday morning (Post Cadburys World trip with Mrs JFH and the binlids).
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  6. You ******* ******* , you know I can't drink anymore. ( posh thread so can't curse) :mad:
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  7. 6.2 mile run this morning 05:10 start :)
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  8. another 6.2 this morning, bit of drizzle that kept the heat down, music went quiet at one point, wondered why and then saw my phone 10 yards behind me on the path.
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  9. 1.5 mile run, 5min Heavy Bag work, 20 reps on each free weight machine :)
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  10. 40 mile cycle. Am now ruined
  11. 1.5 mile run outside (in the rain) 11:17
  12. Hour long boot camp in storm!

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  13. Another 10K this morning, very humid. Over 20 miles this week :)
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  14. Nice one mate! What kind of times are you getting for the 10k's out of interest?
  15. No Mo Farah trust me, I'm doing just over 1 Hr.

    Only started running in January, back then round the block had me blowing out my hoop :(
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  16. Crossfit session.

    Circuit with cleans, squats, toes to bar and press ups
  17. 30 minutes of core conditioning. Getting used to being in the press up position!!
  18. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    A meander to the PO and back wears me out :)
  19. 248.2 mile run was my last work out
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  20. Le Chat Noir :)

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