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Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by Joint_Force_Harrier, May 15, 2011.

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  1. Having this dicussion at the in-laws whilst watching the FA Cup.

    I'm an Evertonian, however if disaster struck and the mighty blues were no longer who would I support?

    Always had a soft spot for Stoke City and Ipswich, dont know why? So maybe one of those, rather eat my own shit the support the shite from across Stanley Park!!!!
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  2. I'm a Liverpool supporter.
  3. How embarrassing.
  4. Its always been Everton for me, I can't imagine supporting any other and like JFH said i also would rather eat shit than support the murderers.

    we might not have had their success but we also don't have their shame
  5. I agree with RR, especially after my team inflicted the 2-0 defeat on you yesterday....COME ON YOU SPURS !!
  6. Carlisle United. I firmly believe you don't choose your team, birthplace and family ties decide it. I simply cannot understand why anyone would find any kind of affinity with a town or city they have no connection with. I wouldn't support Argentina over England just because they play better football.

    If (god forbid) Carlisle went under?

    Workington Town or Gateshead.
  7. Liverpool!
  8. Come on you Murray Bridgers...................
  9. Brentford (where I was brought up ) and Hearts ( Edinburgh where I live now) And yeah you were loads better than us at Wembley Monti.
  10. Wolves, because I lived about seven miles from the Molineux until I was 19. I still keep an eye out for how they are doing. You learn to take the rough with the smooth if you support Wolves, I'm afraid, there have been good times and bad.

    I have also supported West Ham. I once gave a young gentleman of my acquaintance a pair of season tickets for Upton Park as a surprise birthday present and and as a result I saw every home match for a year.

    I still keep an eye on West Ham's fortunes ... the less said about that at the moment, the better ...
  11. QPR-North-West London born and bred, wasn't Jewish enough for the Arse or Spurs* and Hendon was beyond the pale.
    Chelsea even then was for scum and Sun readers.

    *It always amused me that Arsenal supporters call Spurs fans the Yids, when all the Jews I knew, I worked for one and dated a couple of Jewish girls, (Oi vey! my goy boy. Golders Green were pastures green indeed.:winkrazz:) supported the *********.
  12. =====================================


    After soccer transcended the bounds of sport and migrated into the the realms of big business and pay-to-view 'entertainment' many of us, who had hitherto supported our local teams of local lads, became increasingly disillusioned and grudgingly transferred our loyalties elsewhere.

    But, other than Royal Weddings, the occasions for Duck Racing are very few and far between.

    Should you learn of any new venues/teams then please publicise them here.

  13. A Spurs man through and through, started following them back in the late 60' do you think I feel when both my sons chose the Arse as their team :-(
  14. I feel your pain. My sister supports Chelsea (Spit.), mainly due to a pre-teen obsession with Peter Osgood!
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  15. Ah the days of Peter Osgood (Peter Osgood, was good, now he's no flippin good), Peter Bonnetti (the (dead) cat), Hutchinson with that amazing long throw and who could forget Ron 'Chopper' Harris....nothing to do with the size of his sclong I believe.
  16. I support Arsenal. Was brought up in Watford and always keep an eye out for them. Currently live in the South West, so always look at Argyles results. I was actually born in Limerick, but had to Google them to find out what league they were in
  17. My local team when I was growing up was Crystal Palace so I never really watched a football team as a lad.
  18. Always have been and always will be A Nottingham Forest Supporter. As said you don't choose your team, you just seem to become a fan, family, place of birth etc all impact, unlike some of the glory hunters who just choose a team because they are doing well ATT.

    Hoping for a good result tonight and perhaps a trip to Wembley. CUM ON U REDS.

    Just to prove I'm a sad [email protected]@ker i Have a personalised plate for the car of R3D NF

  19. Concur:sad5:
  20. I have to keep it quite that I support Liverpool considering I now live in Manchester.

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