Your favourite power adaptor

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by JonnoJonno, Jul 14, 2010.

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  1. I like this one. It is good.
  2. I once went to a fancy dress party dressed as a power adaptor:
  3. This one is also quite good, if a little flashy:
  4. I think her provocative look is out of place on this forum, and the proximity of the male is uncalled for.

    Anyway, back on thread. One for the American vintage collectors:

    Note it's bulk, especially compared to modern alternatives. Still a wondrous adaptor. I like it too, but not as much as the first one.
  5. I used to have one of those. At the moment I'm considering buying another of these to add to my collection:

    It's an understated classic
  6. The three point lead reminds me of the Holy Trinity, and improves my day on the rare occasions when I have to re-secure one in to my kettle, or laptop adaptor.

    Be careful of replacing your American adaptor. There's loads of fakes out there. This horrendous disfigurement of an otherwise beautiful Mac adaptor was undoubtedly caused by inadequate quality control:
  7. Shocking!

    Slightly off thread but I've always had a soft spot for the mono 1/4'' jack to USB lead.

    I'm not sure why, I suppose it's just something about it's elegant lines.
  8. You had to lower the tone with close-up shots didn't you? :evil:

    Here comes another banning I reckon. :roll:
  9. Sorry mate, it's just my way.

    Back on thread, can anyone identify this strange example I stumbled across?
  10. Yes mate; it's a 4-pin Peripheral (often nicknamed MOLEX by aficionados, due to name of the main manufacturer). These are smaller connectors that go to the various disk drives of a computer. Most of them have four wires: two black, one red, and one yellow. Unlike the standard mains electrical wire color-coding, each black wire is a ground, the red wire is +5 V, and the yellow wire is +12 V. In some cases these are also used to provide additional power to PCI cards such as FireWire 800 cards.

    A good find mate, and one that we would all be wise to familiarise ourselves with. If only to be able to say MOLEX during conversation. If you are familiar with the Berg 4-pin power adaptor it is called Mini-MOLEX. It's like Austin Powers all over again. LOL PMSL ROMAOSFUBZXKVJB etc
  11. I must have been confused, I now recognise it as a MOLEX, it was the non standard securing clip that threw me.
  12. [​IMG]

    We decided a while ago to update a bit and went for the sata. I can't put into words how much it has change the lives of our whole family and even the neighbours now look on us in a different light.
  13. It'll do that. That's what you get for allowing proprietary brand names enter in to common parlance. This for example:

    It's called an 'Apple' usb adaptor. In fact there is no safe way to provide power to any fruit, and that has been proved.

    Little power adaptor humour there. Lightens the tone don't you know.
  14. No reason to show off mate, we all know you are better off than the rest of us.

    What's the consensus on in car leads?

    Blasphemy or useful charging implement?
  15. Your host bus adaptors must veritably sing with efficiency, mate. Good call
  16. This one really flicks my switch
    I give you ............... The blackberry charger.
  17. That nearly raised a smile, less of that, let's remember what forum this is.
  18. 2DD

    I am not at all pleased with the way that cabling has been unceremoniously wrapped up in tape. It promotes the risk of cutting the insulator with crudely brandished scissors.

    Makes me sick.
  19. Hey that's really nice, do you have a bigger pic?
  20. Careful. Site rules mucker. No close-ups

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