Your Favourite motivational songs

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Merlin28, Nov 16, 2010.

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  1. A simple Bootneck ditty....

    "What do we like....
    big tits and kinky boots!"

    'Sung' in time to the slap of pussers plimsoles on the way to the Gym, the WREN Officer passing by was not impressed, despite the impressive salute and eyes right offered by PTI and Troop of Nods. :D

    I still use it on 'runs' along with "Oner, two, three, four."
    Sad twat. :oops:
  2. jockpopeye

    jockpopeye Badgeman Book Reviewer

    I find that anything by Adele motivates me to cut my ears out with a bit of broken glass.

    On the other hand the Top Gun sound track is top bannana for a bit of high octane (non gay) working out.
  3. "wake up" arcade fire.You could run through mountains listening to that song.You'd be dead when you first hit the mountain..but what a way to go!
  4. Whats yours witless Tina Turners "Simply the best" or something with a little more class Phil Collins "In the air tonight" perhaps.
  5. `kin `ell you still around 8O
  6. My one is the "Benny Hill" theme tune.

  7. It has to be Monty Python's - "Always look on the brightside of Life".


    :) :lol:
  8. 'Hey big spender' :roll:

  9. Agreed, fit for every occasion
  10. Or perhaps a bit of Chumbawamba "Tubthumping"... I get knocked down, but I get up again....
  11. The predictable 'eye of the tiger' i'm afraid :wink:
  12. D-Ream - 'Things can only get better.'
  13. Hearts of Oak for me !!!
  14. RUN DMC and Aerosmith - Walk this way

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