Your Favourite Film Quotes

Winston Zeddemore: My mind is totally blank. GHOST BUSTERS
Dr. Peter Venkman: *I* didn't choose anything...
[long pause, Peter, Egon and Winston all look at Ray]
Dr Ray Stantz: I couldn't help it. It just popped in there.
Dr. Peter Venkman: [angrily] What? *What* "just popped in there?"
Dr Ray Stantz: I... I... I tried to think...
Dr. Egon Spengler: LOOK!
[they all look over one side of the roof]
Dr Ray Stantz: No! It CAN'T be!
Dr. Peter Venkman: What is it?
Dr Ray Stantz: It CAN'T be!
Dr. Peter Venkman: What did you DO, Ray?
Winston Zeddemore: Oh, shit!
[they all see a giant cubic white head topped with a sailor hat, Peter looks at Ray]
Dr Ray Stantz: [somberly] It's the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.
The film: “What’s New Pussycat†(c1966)

Peter O’Toole literally bumps into a complete stranger (played by his friend Richard Burton in a cameo role).

Burton: “Don’t you know me from somewhere?â€

O’Toole: “The name’s familiar but I can’t plac the faceâ€.
Ray Whinstone in Love Honour and Obey:

''You're fat and I'll throw you in the river.''

Stifler in American Pie:

''Why don't I give you a spoon so you can eat my ass.''
Lieutenant John Chard: They want a bridge across the river.
Bromhead: Who said you could use my men?
Lieutenant John Chard: They were sitting around on their backsides, doing nothing.
Bromhead: Rather you asked first, old boy.
Lieutenant John Chard: I was told that their officer was out hunting.
Bromhead: Err... yes.
Bromhead: I'll tell my man to clean your kit.
Lieutenant John Chard: Don't bother!
Bromhead: No bother... I'm not offering to clean it myself! Still, a chap ought to look smart in front of the men, don't you think? Well chin-chin... do carry on with your mud pies.
'The Malta Story' when Ohio Entered the Harbour Alec Guiness said to the duty buglar, Sound the Alert!!!The bugler said "But she isn't a warship Sir." He said, "Isn't she? ...


Lantern Swinger
"Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn!" - Rhett Butler in the 1939 film Gone With the Wind; the last words he speaks to Scarlett O'Hara before leaving her.

:evil: "Mr you run a sad kind of a train, it takes people where they dont want to go and it wont bring em back again." :twisted: James Stewart Shanadoah.
:x "You had it in ya to be a great fighter, but ya became a legbreaker for a to bit loan shark" It s a living" Its a waste of life"Burges Meredith; Sylvester Stallone Rocky :twisted:

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