Your dream team at HMS Raleigh!!!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by scouse, Mar 3, 2009.

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  1. Chicogiz Dr Zoiberg Tim Sentenashi :wink: :wink: ??
  2. Wahey. I must be doing something right. :roll:
  3. Stop taking the piss, this team would be a nightmare :p
  4. It sounds like some strange disease to me! Perhaps it's a cocktail called WITCHES IRN BREW....
  5. Tim's dead, so he won't be there.
  6. Oh god, the hilarity.
  7. Yes. Whos leader of the group?
  8. You are Chico, It`s your second attempt.
  9. Me, obviously. "I've probably lost more patients than he's treated". Enough said.
  10. Could be Nails ???if he turns up :roll: :wink:
  11. This is where the net has screwed up the Andrew once more. Why can't you lot just get on with it and deal with the team / class you are put in. After all once you pass training it's into the fleet and most likley will join a ship with nobody you know
  12. How about Creddly, Chico, Tim, Sentenashi, Potential_Officer and Thingy.

    Funny as fcuk.

    Oh Creddly where art thou? Did you make it to Caledonia for the acquaint course? Or were you shitting yourself so much that you bottled it, missed the train and are still a blubbering wreck? Maybe you did make it but got such a culture shock on the course that you ran like fcuk from any connection with the RN? Not to worry. Tim has taken your place.
  13. I think someone's missing the point here.
  14. Nice one Potential Officer :wink: :wink: could be their D.O. :roll:
  15. Mate, listen. If it wasn't "the net" that had screwed up the Andrew, you'd soon find something else that had. The point you miss is that, somehow or other, the majority of new recruits joining Raleigh today are basically decent lads, who are joining the RN from a society that has become increasingly distant from its military over the past decades. Why don't you just forgive that they didn't grow up among elders who served in world wars, who gave them some appreciation of what they were joining, and accept that it's a good thing they want to know what they're getting into? They are taking an active interest in their future careers, and though their questions may be bone, I'm sure we'd rather it be that way than end up working with some disinterested c*nt whom we couldn't wait to PVR.
  16. your a Pinkey!!! think you are on a different Wavelength :roll: :roll:
  17. I refuse to eat in the Mess hall there! F***ing disgraceful we feed that slop to the lads and lasses passing through!

    Scouse: I have a feeling that I probably would end up in "Stick and Stones" pt 2.
  18. :wink: But SIR you will be head of the table in the Painted Hall at Greenwich RNC :wink: :wink: No slop for you :roll: I have invited some Wren officers to dine with you :roll: :roll:
  19. What a complete load of bollox dunkers and his cronies speak. The mob isn't a bloody social club where you have to know where your oppos are. You go where you are bloody sent, even frisp land.

    I'm glad the sprogs are interested in learning more but why the compulsion to have to know every piggin detail?

    We were all sprogs once and one of the great things about basic training was the fact that you had to bond as a team to achieve anything, with a class of people you had never met before day 1. It seems to me that joining up with all your mates misses the whole point of forging a team from different parts.
  20. :oops: :oops: new arrival Alacrity174 Just had a Peir Head Jump Replacing TIM :wink: :wink: Class leader/GI

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