your dolphins


odd question, but when is it exactly that you're awarded your dolphins? as submarine school lasts only another 10 weeks after 8 weeks of basic, and that seemed too short a time to be turned into one of Gods chosen few.
You will need to do your Part 3 on your first boat as well before you get them. In my day that was at least 3 months more.


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rosinacarley said:
I can't repeat what I had to do to get mine!


Ohhh I had to down 6 pints of beer, each with a depth charger in, holding the dolphins. At the end of downing each one I had to catch the dolphins in my teeth!

This was watched by the whole bar at Drake, considering I'd had a fair few JD n cokes before hang, it went well :lol:

Yep, got mine! Along with a nifty hangover!


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Got to ask, what is an ET(MES). Is it an E(TM), E(IS), ME(SM). I am guessing you mean ET(ME(SM)) If so you will do usually SMQ dry in Faslane or Devonport - next you will do your SMQ wet and then you will get your dolphins. SMQ dry lasts a bunch of weeks - about 8 I think and then qualification at sea another 6 - 8. Then when you do that you will go straight and do your Cat D watchkeeping etc....