your dolphins

odd question, but when is it exactly that you're awarded your dolphins? as submarine school lasts only another 10 weeks after 8 weeks of basic, and that seemed too short a time to be turned into one of Gods chosen few.
rosinacarley said:
I can't repeat what I had to do to get mine!

Ohhh I had to down 6 pints of beer, each with a depth charger in, holding the dolphins. At the end of downing each one I had to catch the dolphins in my teeth!

This was watched by the whole bar at Drake, considering I'd had a fair few JD n cokes before hang, it went well :lol:

Yep, got mine! Along with a nifty hangover!


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Got to ask, what is an ET(MES). Is it an E(TM), E(IS), ME(SM). I am guessing you mean ET(ME(SM)) If so you will do usually SMQ dry in Faslane or Devonport - next you will do your SMQ wet and then you will get your dolphins. SMQ dry lasts a bunch of weeks - about 8 I think and then qualification at sea another 6 - 8. Then when you do that you will go straight and do your Cat D watchkeeping etc....
Dangermouse said:
Aparently its an Engineering Technician (Marine Engineering Submariner) but I had to look that up here

what that is in old money, who knows?

Looks like the MEM[M][SM] of my day!!

Seen the bottom line on the Navy site --------------when you complete your ptIII training and are awarded your Dolphins-----you get £5k

Definately changed days----- I got fcuk all!! Did my pt III on a Christmas patrol ---pierhead jump Dec---March Dolphins awarded by the skipper.

We didn't get them in a tot either in those days!
Dangermouse said:
How strange. I did my Pt III on a an Xmas patrol. Away for Xmas, New Year and my 24th birthday. Dolphins caught in a tot of pussers in February.
[marq=down] In my day, of 'Ts' 'As' 'Os' and Dreadnought (had a go on the lot)
There were Stokers, Deckape's, Tiff's (spit) and Pigs.
Stoker Jan


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Engineering Technician - In the ME world, forget Stokers and Tiffs, everyone joins up as ET now. The idea is that the ET receives the training for his next job just before he does it (rather than with tiffs, where you train them for years and they've forgotten it all by the time they join).
in really simple terms, the ET is the "makey-learny", LET is your skilled tradesman, watchkeeper/maintainer, POET is your diagnostician/head of section, CPOET is a group head.
What the MESM world gets now is Leading Hands doing real jobs with real skill, the LET is a formidable killick.
scabz said:
What the MESM world gets now is Leading Hands doing real jobs with real skill, the LET is a formidable killick.
Hmm. Are you trying to suggest that previously your average LMEM on boats didn't do a 'real' job? With any skill? :?


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.....Not at all. Just (IMHO) as a MESM the killick has been a sadly under used bloke, capable of much more than he's been allowed to do.
LET(MESM) provides a distinct difference between the AB and the LH ability, now the MESM killick should get the responsibility (and recognition) he deserves.
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