Your Deepst dive ????


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Ok tell us all about your deepest dive or dodgy incident whilst on a submarine . We know about sidon55 any others out there ?


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Well Deeps the worst I had could only be described as an incident but at the time it scared the shite out of me. It happened when I was on the Token and we was doing a work up around the Clyde area, anyway we were at periscope depth when the aft planes stuck in a slight dive position so the order came over the tannoy from the control room, “aft planes in emergency.†The first two onto the gear was me and the outside stoker so we engaged the handle and started wankin it round. Trouble was we was doing it the wrong way putting the planes into a deeper dive, I soon realized this and told him we was doing it the wrong way but he wouldn’t have it, trouble was, as he was the outside stoker he had the last say.


Anyway by this time the boat was at an angle of about 40` and going down fast. so the Skipper ordered full astern on both engines.
How that greenie ever managed to pull all them switches and put them motors in astern then put the switches back in when we was at such an angle I`ll never know, perhaps it was the adrenaline . but he did it , and saved us all from Davy Jones locker.
Slowly the boat reversed back out of the dive till it was on an even keel at 250 ft, then the Skipper blew the main ballast.
I never told what happened that day as the o/side stoker would have no doubt lost his position of responsibility, but I have always wondered whether I should have named and shamed if he was not up to the job. But I never did.
250ft at today’s rates is of course nothing but the Token was old (1944) and the deepest diving depth was 180ft. scary!!


No disrespect Uncle ,did a quick search ,seems that T boats were built for 91 metres, 280 ft +
So you were 30 ft from not posting again.


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That’s OK Tingara good point.

What you haven’t allowed for though is the fact that everytime a submarine has a refit they knock 10ft off the deepest diving depth.

That`s why after 22 years it was down from 280 to 180 ft.

Deeps said:
1100ft in a Polaris boat 16 years ago , you bunch of Diesel pufftas !!!!!!

I was on Revenge and I cant remeber how deep we went,but Im sure we went 1000 ft everytime we went on work up
My mate, a civvy (me too now - gloom) had a Rolex Sea Dweller and used to brag that it was water resistant down to 4000ft. It was as well 'cos Rolex don't muck around over stuff like that. Anyway I showed him my Rolex Submariner 1513 and stated that it had gone down to 1500ft and didn't even get wet, black cat that B*stard then. An inadvertant depth excursion I think they call it.
His Sea Dweller even came with a helium escape valve on the side and a day/date. Ok, I can understand why the helium escape valve needed to be there but who needs to know the day and date at 4000ft, as if there aren't more important things to occupy one's time!?


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Black cat , now there is an expression i havnt heard in
a few years .As for my deep dive on Repulse ,well us
Bomber queens are a bit strapped for any interesting dits
to be honest . However we did chase an oil rig around the north atlantic for a week thinking it was a Soviet Victor 3 .

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