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8O SAS Recruitment Slumps

The recruitment shortfall has extended to the SAS after leaked figures indicated a dramatic drop off in applications. In most years the SAS receives around 150 applications and 10% of those applicants pass the rigorous training. But last year only 93 men applied for positions, a drop of 38% from the previous year.

According to defence sources, the drop off is widely attributed to the current operations in Afghanistan. In peace time the regiment is an attractive option for soldiers and servicemen who want to see combat. But now with every major infantry regiment seeing action at some point in Afghanistan, the desires for combat action are being fulfilled. "Before, when the regular Army rarely saw any real fighting, everyone wanted to join the SAS," a defence source said. "It meant you would get to do what you joined up to do: fight. Now you get that in any front line infantry regiment."

The SAS has lost a number of men in Iraq and Afghanistan, which has led to an even greater demand for recruits to replenish the ranks. The demand for recruits has never been higher as MoD prepares to surge several hundred SAS personnel into Afghanistan to root out the Taliban leadership. The shortfall is not believed to be serious at this point but is a growing cause for concern among commanders.

No more tough guys? 8O :cry: :D
While I never believed all of the Bravo Two Bravo story when it was unravalled by another SAS man, I do have his other auto biography "Immediate Action"and I have to say that even when I was fit I wouldn't have lasted a couple of days if trying to qualify.
I can't believe the training they do,it's mind blowing in it's detail.
One relevant passage states that Royal Marines generally don't apply as they stand out being far too good looking!
Some mistake Shurely!or jealous maybe?
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