Your best and worst bikes


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I had a Suzuki 100B, for a month but what a month!
Came a cropper on day 1 cornering a country bend to discover that cowshit is really slippery.

Week 2 decided to play around with some in helmet entertainment, sony walkman in the ears, accidentally turned the volume up full and in an attempt to turn it down I hit the back of a parked Volvo at 40, that hurt, but the bike was OK.

Week 3 got rear ended at a roundabout and ended up going backwards through a vauxhall viva winscreen, that hurt...... but the bike survived.

Week 4 sold the bike, I don't like motorbikes anymore. :threaten:


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My worst bike was a Yamaha SR125 (only by virtue of being a learner bike in all honesty). My best bike would have been a Suzuki SV650S, but only after I'd put on a lower fairing and fitted decent suspension. After these mods had been done, it inspired confidence and had more than enough power for a relatively new rider. I traded this up to a Triumph Sprint ST - while this was a far more comfortable cruising bike, the SV still had the overall edge (having said that I'd happily make room again in my garage for either!). Currently looks like I'm unlikely to return to 2 wheels following successful conclusion of EX FLEE BLIGHTY 06 - the insurance is crippling here in Canuckistan :(


my worst ,but not because of design or build quality but because looking back it was cursed ! it was my third bike a ducati 250 monza , bought new in 1970 from bill Hannahs in liverpool, I think it was one of the first in the country as you had to wait for a crashed bike to come back before you could have spares. I used to crash this bike weekly , slip on oil, run over dogs, I even ran it sideways into an armco , crushed my foot,not a mark on the bike, it met its end six months later when I was doing about seventy and a moggie minor turned in front of me from the oposite direction, bike went through the door i went over the roof.My best is my current , a heavily modified early vfr 750, been used proddie racing, looks a bit like an x6, trouble is it can do much more than I'm capable off !
jambosun said:
rod-gearing[b] said:
Had a Honda 70, got knocked off by a badger.[/b]

I can't stop laughing at that image!! Did he run up and push you off or just clip you as he was overtaking? :toothy7:

I was returning home after a late shift on a dark,cold november night across the moors.
I suddenly noticed this black and white furry thing running along side me trying to cross the road.
The stupid badger seemed to leap onto my front wheel,I went base over apex into a ditch filled with sillageand crap etc.
I turned over and he looked at me and I looked at him,he stood up,shaked himself down then trotted off.
Bike was still driveable but the front mudguard was knackered.
4 SAS guys on excercise stopped and asked me if I wanted help which was kind even though they were pissing themselves laughing when I told them what happened.
Finally got home looking like the Swamp Creature.


Worst: Yam DT 125 simply by virtue of the L plates.

Best: Close call between CBR 600 FN and VFR 800 (pre VTEC), both used in all weathers and never went wrong. Nearly had tears in my eyes when I had to flog the VFR when moving to Thailand.

Would love a Speed/Street Triple but as they are imported there is a massive tax mark up to the tune of 5 grand over the otr price in the UK :threaten: .

Even more galling is that Triumphs are made here, about 40 klicks down the road. We are trying to track down the factory manager to see if we can donate some "tea money" to circumvent the import duty :thumright:
jambosun said:
rod-gearing[b] said:
Had a Honda 70, got knocked off by a badger.[/b]

I can't stop laughing at that image!! Did he run up and push you off or just clip you as he was overtaking? :toothy7:


2 strokes are god's motorcycles despite my bad experiences, so like all hot blooded 80s motorcyclists, THE bike I wish I'd owned has to be the RG500 (Too late now, they're worth a fortune apparently). A boring 2nd is an FZR1000 genesis which I may do one of these days.


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Worst was probably a Yammy fizzie when I was a meer teen and crapping about.

Moved onto a Suzuki 250GT which was okay for commuting on, although it gave me a sore arse and very stiff legs when riding from Kent to Pompey.

Gave up biking for many years when the family thing came around. (Cannot fit wife AND kids on bike :) )

Best would have to be my current ride, an 2006 Fireblade and a picture of it can be seen in the other motoring thread and also in my signature below when I was on a track day at Donny. :)


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Good_CO said:
jambosun said:
2 strokes are god's motorcycles

Wahey! Another 2 stroke fan :)

Some of my favorite bikes were the Suzuki GTs = 380, 550 and eventually a 750 - all 2 stroke triples - made a fantastic noise when wound up.

I'm surprised at the number of Fizzy-haters on here - didn't most of us cut our teeth on these wonderful machines?
Worst bike Ive ever ridden was on holiday in Ibiza. 18 years old, blind drunk, wearing shorts and flip flops and not a stitch else...........Riding along a major road/bypass balancing a crate of beer between my feet!! Similar to this but bright yellow and with pedals to start the engine!!

Worst bike Ive ever owned would be a Honda Rebel 125cc. My first ever bike and absolutely hideous!!

Best bike Ive owned.....................Probably my Suzuki GSXR 600. A flying machine that loved to be thrashed.

Im riding a Suzuki Bandit 600 just now - great for commuting, but once Ive riden through the worst of the winter Im trading her in for a new R6 - sexy as fckuk!!! :thumright:


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The new R6 is a very nice bike and my wife is after trading in her CBR600 for one next spring.

Saying that, the new CBR600RR is supposed to be the mutts nutts also, although like the R6, is more track focused.

R6 looks very sexy in all black mate.

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