Your all time top 15 films!

As a resurrector of old threads and with the proviso that there are really so many good films out there so my 15 is subject to change as to how I feel on any given day and in no particular order:

The Twilight Samurai (its always going to be in my top 5 or so - just brilliant)
Ran (Kurosawa at his brilliant best)
Kagemusha (ditto )
Seven Samurai (ditto - did I say I like Japanese films)
Rashomon (Kurosawa again)
Once Upon A Time In America (Sergio Leone at his best and Robert De Niro showing what acting is about)
The Godfather (the trilogy but especially 1 &2 - Francis Ford Coppola showing what a director he was)
Apocalypse Now: Redux (it needed the extra scenes to make sense of the whole film - Coppola again)
The Cruel Sea (the perfect depiction of ordinary people stepping up to do a dirty job when called upon)
Margin Call (odd choice but some brilliant acting because so much has to be conveyed by expression and nuance because there is absolutely no action - just dialogue)
Master & Commander (a brilliant depiction of RN in Napoleonic times - such a shame audiences didn't take to it enough to generate at least another film)
The Wild Bunch (Sam Peckinpah showing how a western should be made along with William Holden and Ernest Borgnine showing the youngsters how to act)
Lawrence of Arabia (David Lean showing how a spectacle should be made - just don't view it as history)
Far From Men (under another title in the UK - Loin Des Hommes was the original - 2 men thrown together at the beginning of the Algerian war having to come to terms with the decisions they must make - excellent)
Performance aka A Late Quartet (the founding member of a string quartet announces he must retire due to onset of Parkinson's disease & it sets off a string of previously suppressed problems - Phillip Seymour Hoffman and, more surprisingly, Christopher Walken showing what acting is about).....

.....but then there's also The Duellists and Blade Runner (both by Ridley Scott, the first listed being his first feature film - brilliant acting and cinematography, especially the closing scene) and his Black Hawk Down which I also thought was well done. Its very hard to list just 15 as there are so many good films out there.
top gun
days of thunder
donnie brasco
donnie darko
naked gun (all 3)
memphis belle
saving private ryan
Far from The Madding Crowd, (Julie Christie was just beautiful)
The Deer Hunter
On Any Sunday
Junior Bonner, (Steve McQueen's best film?)
American Sniper
1 Soft beds hard battles
2 Get Carter
3 Sunshine boys
4 Wild bunch
5 William
6 Home alone
7 Pink Panther
8 The Sand pebbles
9 Papillon
10 Marathon man
11 Bullit.
12 Straw Dogs
13 Young Frankenstein
14 Dancing with Wolves
15 The Untouchables.

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