Your all time top 15 films!

Discussion in 'Films, Music, TV & All Things Artsy' started by Jenny_Dabber, Oct 12, 2007.

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  1. So, ladies and gents,

    What are your favorite top 15 films of all time?

    Mine would be (not in any order as I am having trouble thinking as it is);

    * Robin Hood - Prince of theives
    * When harry met sally
    * ShawShank redemption
    * Green Mile
    * God father trilogy
    * Schindler's List
    * Full metal Jacket
    * Unforgiven
    * 9 and a half weeks
    * The Graduate
    *The Philidelphia Story
    *Finding Nemo
    * The Manchurian Candidate
    * Forret Gump
    * I am Sam

    Oh and my standby film - The Never ending story!
  2. In no particular order:

    The Haunting (1963 version)
    King Kong (1933 version)
    Schindler's list
    Arlington Road
    The Butterfly Effect (Directors cut)
    Donnie Darko
    Mississippi Burning
    El mar adentro
    La mala educación
    Runaway jury
    Blood Diamond
    The Prestige.
  3. Also in no particular order:

    Star Wars (all of 'em)
    Shawshank Redemption
    Starship Troopers ('cause its soooo bad its good)
    Saving Private Ryan
    Schindlers List
    The Green Mile
    The Cruel Sea (Mandatory Selection)
    American Pie trilogy
    Rocky Horror Picture Show
    The Harry Potter movies (but just because Mrs Fatblokewithglasses doesn't talk through them)
    The Sharpe Series (If I'm allowed TV films)
    The Battle of Britain
    Any porno(eyesight now going, hair growing on palms of hands etc.)
  4. Off the top off my head and also in no particular order;

    Withnail and I
    Pulp Fiction
    Mrs Miniver
    Get Carter
    Touching the Void
    The Italian Job
    Apocalypse Now
    A Clockwork Orange
    The Godfather
    One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
    The Usual Suspects
  5. Jaws
    Dead Mans Shoes (english film by Shane Meadows, amazing)
    Full Metal Jacket
    The Goonies
    Mean Streets
    Once upon a time in the West
    Dumb and Dumber
    Seven Samurai
    Pulp Fiction
    Sleeper (woody allen)
    Animal House
    Apocalypse Now
    Bugsy Malone
    The deer Hunter

    Not in any spacific order mind.
  6. What about "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" ?
  7. Really tough ...

    The Great Escape

    The Last Emperor

    Mrs Miniver

    Brief Encounter

    Mary Poppins

    Ai No Corrida

    Blade Runner

    Meeting at the Sphinx (se may have been mad but Vivien Leigh looks more beautiful than any woman ever - nice sets too)

    Bridget Jones Diary

    A Midnight Clear

    Belle de Jour (Deneuve version)

    Yo la peor de todas (power, politics, nuns, poetry, flogging 17th century Mexico)

    Apocalypse Now


  8. In no particular order:

    Blazing Saddles
    Officer and a Gentleman
    Dirty Dancing
    Any Jackie Chan film
    Under Siege
    Mosquito Coast
    Young Frankstien
    Seven Years in Tibet
    The Good the bad and the ugly
    Battle of Britian
    The Great Escape
    Tora Tora Tora
    Face Off
    Gone in 60 seconds
  9. Dune
    Calmity Jane
    Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
    Taming of the Shrew.. (howard Kell version)
    Bullit Proof Monk
    Staw Wars (all of em)
    Star Trek (all of em)
    Never Endding Story (all of em)
    Brotherhood of the Wolf
    Van Helsing
    Hell Boy
    Deep Blue Sea
    Steal Magnolias

    and in no order...just depends on my mood
  10. Zulu
    Blade Runner
    The Great Escape
    Das Boot (Directors cut)
    Lord of the Rings (all 3)
    Guns of Navaronne
    The Green Berets
    How Green was my Valley
    Lord of the Flies (UK version)
    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
    Hero (Jet Li)
    Usual suspects
    The Goodfellas
    Reservoir Dogs
  11. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
    Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
    Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
    Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
    Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
    Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
    Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
    Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
    Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
    Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
    Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
    Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
    Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
    Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
    Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
  12. cool i take it you like this film then... thats ok,, BUT why........ for me its the songs... and doris day,, she amazing..
  13. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers - always reminds me of Christmas, not because it's particularly festive (though it does look quite cozy in them log cabins) but because it's a film I remember watching on TV from a very young age (every year) as it's always on around that time. I may even have been taken to the cinema to watch it as a little un, but that could be my imagination. The "fight" scene during the barn building is classic. They don't make them like that any more (thank fcuk say my kids)
  14. my 13 year old girl loves the old films..... and your right they dont make em like that any more.. i also like the ride to the party where they all sing...
    my fav song from that film is... once i had a secrete love...
  15. No particular order...

    Saving Private Ryan
    Blazing Saddles
    Love, Honour and Obey
    Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
    Life of Brian
    In Which We Serve
    The 5th Element
    Das Boot
    The Shawshank Redemption
    The Green Mile (One of the few films to make me cry)
    Heartbreak Ridge
    Cool Runnings
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  16. Josiecats - there you go.

    Once I had a secret love
    That lived within the heart of me
    All too soon my secret love
    Became impatient to be free

    So I told a friendly star
    The way that dreamers often do
    Just how wonderful you are
    And why I am so in love with you

    Now I shout it from the highest hills
    Even told the golden daffodils

    At last my heart's an open door
    And my secret love's no secret anymore
  17. Trainspotting
    The Deer Hunter
    Apocalypse Now
    The Producers
    Midnight Cowboy
    Fistfull of Dollars
    The Last Patrol
    Catch 22
    Casino Royale (60's spoof version)
    A Shot in The Dark
    Four Weddings ,etc
    The Full Monty
    The Life Of Brian
  18. wow,,, thankyou so much.... :glomp: :clap: :highfive:
  19. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    In no particular order:

    Lord of the Rings trilogy
    Blade Runner
    The last Samurai
    A wonderful life
    The Great Escape
    Man on fire
    Last Man Standing
    The magnificent Seven
    2001 A space odyssey
    Pale Rider
    High Plains drifter
    Paint your wagon (I was born under a wandering star.......... brilliant)
    Two Mules for Sister Sarah

    633 Squadron
    Reach for the skies
    Animal house

    This is impossible, there are another 20 or 30 I could add to my favourites, basically add any spaghetti western, war film or anything with Clint Eastwood Get three coffins ready, Bruce Willis, Denzel Washington, Al Pacino or Robert DeNiro. :thumright:

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