Youngest member?

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Chicogiz, May 23, 2007.

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  1. Am i the youngest member to rumration?
  2. You're the most childish, does that count ?
  3. how old are you?
  4. Well i know im not!!!
  5. Im 15 nearly 16
  6. Are you just in a bad mood, Lamri?
  7. Yep :D

    Actually no, not really in a bad mood as such.
    That ponce pushes buttons for me, thats all.
    Oh, ok, maybe i'm feeling a bit mischievous too :)
  8. and your like a little grumpy old man
  9. may grow old but never grow up...etc
  10. Fair enough. Pop back onto the Alize Appreciation Thread to cheer yourself up again!
  11. I have a mental age of 11yrs old, doe's that count ??
  12. yes :)
  13. well ainng as though I have not had 12 official birthdays (a leap year baby) yet I reckon I must be one of the youngest on here
  14. Chico, you have a PM (regarding a sea cadet forum).
  15. Whan I signed on the joining up form for RR last year I was at least 13 years old. Now I'm 12, so it looks like Waspy and me are competing for the title: Baby Rum Rationer of the Year! (Alias BARRY) :wink: :D

    Chico, you do realise that Hig had been in the Navy for 5 years at your age. He was one of Nelson's Powder Monkeys. He also knew a French Bird once! :wink: ...I think her name was Josephine. He shared her with Napoleon.
  16. And if you believe him, he shagged it as well! :p
  17. And the French Bird... :D :D :lol: In fact new manuscripts that have recently come to light in the National Maritime Museum's Caird Library have shown that Nelson never said 'Kiss me Hardy, darling!' instead he actually said 'Kiss me Higgy', and the Veteran of 12 (Hig, not Nelson) replied 'F*ck off, you pervy Admiral!' :eek: :lol: Hig is the second oldest on RR. Of couse UA is the oldest. He was Middy Nelson's sea dad! :twisted:
  18. Do you reckon Higs was the one who tapped the barrel and drank Nelson's Blood as well? It might explain the colour of his avatar!
  19. Maybe. Nothing documents if Higgy was a haemophiliac* then?

    *In modern parlance: a vampire!!! :twisted: :lol:
  20. Chico, spot the apostrophe in Lamri's post and try to copy his example. (You have no idea what I'm talking about, do you?)

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