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young royals

have just read loads of posts from various forums- and loads are about the young royals----------
what they get upto------- ie get pissed-------

now i know they're royals but surely they are allowed to enjoy themselves?
yes i know william is our future king etc etc ---------- but even so-------- is it an invasion of theire privacy??
They are only doing what every 18 yr old on the planet does- at least we know they're human.

(have now donned kevlar helmet for incoming :D 8O )
They can of couse do as they wish within the law..
If they do not like the attendant publicity then they have an alternative as free citizens;
Become an ordinairy Mr or Mrs and they'd soon fine the attention of the press etc diminished.
It really is basic and simple.
Oh I agree BH. I don't think that they would be very level-headed people if they weren't allowed to let their hair down amongst minions of the crown :)
A good mate of mine met His Harryness once at Royal Albert Hall (I think), by accidentally stepping on his foot at the bar (after the death slide type stuff was over), turned to apologise and struck up a conversation with him. Turns out he's a nice, "normal" dude (Well, as normal as one can be with the sunglasses and "finger-in-ear" brigade" in tow :D ). The point is, if Royalty aren't allowed to do normal things, how can we expect them to grow into (relatively) normal people ?


War Hero
No incoming from me Lamri. As long as the civillist is not supporting their pissups let them enjoy life.


War Hero
Lamri said:
Fair point Slim, hopefully "daddy" gives them some pocket money :)

I am an expert at spending daddies allowance if they need help. £5000 for a nights drinking,sure we could help them raise the ante.
If I had a father like the next two in line for the throne I think I would be getting rat arsed regular. Anybody that wears a ring on the small finger has to be fecking bent.


Backpacker1uk said:
If I had a father like the next two in line for the throne I think I would be getting rat arsed regular. Anybody that wears a ring on the small finger has to be fecking bent.

Quite agree, they aint ears they're fcuking handles!!!!


Lantern Swinger
Better they get rat arsed and have fun when they are young rodney's than when he/they are older and king


War Hero
Chisler, I have to ask, who is that fcuking lemon on your avatar mate?
Jeez he could wind me up being in the same room. :lol: :lol: :lol:
Ain't that him wot sung "happy talking talking happy talk, talk about things we like to do" etc etc?

Hahahaha, now its going round yer head!!
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