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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by flynavy, Nov 8, 2010.

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  1. Got a young lad here who is departing the mighty harrier and going down to Culdrose, however he has been offered SSSA private rented accomodation at Culdrose. Does anyone on here know where this accom is? and also because he is a young AET will he be expected to pay the same daily rate as say a Warrant officer/LT in the same accom?
  2. He doesn't physically pay for SSSA. There is a monthly rate set for all ranks/rates. As a JR he will not be expected to share with a SR or Officer for that matter. Your UPO will have all of the nitty gritty details. I was on SSSA for a number of years and with all of the other allowance that SSSA brings with it, I managed save quite a lot of money and still have a good time.

    This wasn't at Culdrose though.
  3. What, he doesnt want to live at Culdrose? All the boozing/dancing/good food, (cooked for you), the gym/pool etc
  4. JSP 754 - Tri-Service Regulations for Pay and Charges will explain some details
  5. I wonder where that was? I bet I can get the Canary to sing. :lol:
  6. You should get "offered" 3 suitable places which fulfil the criteria of the JSP, worth having a look at what you are entitled too else the HCR rep may try and "fob" you off with something sub-standard - you should get a fully furnished place with TV, microwave, cookcer, fridge, washing machine, crockery, etc. You pay accom rates, but get back FIA, which works out you get about £300 a month extra (not sure if the daily rate is related to rank/rate though - UPO will be able to tell you). You dont pay any bills, except for the telephone and you can claim the line rental back - keep the bills though!! I know that in Bristol (no mess facilities) the LTs are being asked to share, so you may be put in with a small group in a house that is already rented, depends what is available.

    When moving ask about UK PASH (I dont think that is the right spelling, but it is said like that) rather than just disturbance allowance, I think you get a larger allowance and can rent a van, etc, again UPO should be able to tell you - but you have to ask because you get more money!!!

    I have "enjoyed" the benefits of SSSA in the past and it does help with beer tokens...!!! 8)

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