Young Bootie Officer....


Lantern Swinger
A joke my old man told me I thought you'd like....

One day, a young and fresh-faced RM officer, fresh out of training, ready to do his bit for Queen & Country arrives at his unit, and the barracks that he will call home. He is talking with his new CO in the officer's mess when he starts to tell the green (witty pun, I know) officer about the social activities the officer's mess have.

"On Monday nights, we have a games night, and we play snooker and cards" the CO told him.
"I don't like games" the young officer replied.

"On Tuesdays, it's our football night" he told him.
"I don't like football" he answered.

"Come on man, there must be something you like! Wednesday is our night for a formal mess dinner"
"I don't like formal dinners"

"I'm sure a young red-blooded man such as yourself will enjoy our Thursday night Swinger Party" he told him.
"I'm not married, in fact, I'm a homosexual"

The CO raised an eyebrow and said "No problem, at least you'll enjoy Friday night then"

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