Young, Angry and White

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by AngryMonkey, Feb 12, 2010.

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  1. Watched this tonight on Channel 4 and would recommend catching it on their website as it as gives a depressing insight into the vulnerable muppets who cnuts like the BNP are recruiting and turning into little skinheads. Especially telling is that the numpty in it can't even properly explain why he's racist.
  2. It's good exposure. And I mean that because it shows them as the morons they are.
  3. Good to know some cnuts get what they deserve
  4. Trouble is the toe rag will be shifted to some cushy nick out of harms way now. :evil:
  5. I am old placid and black. I am not a racist, I just dislike honky's intensely for what they did to my ancestors, the disrespect, degradation and barbarity show to them in days gone by.
    I will qualify this by stating that in 1963, Uncle Rasta did not burgle the off licence as the local police claimed. The ten thousand cigarettes found in his spare bedroom with the cases of whisky, vodka and other assorted spirits were planted on him.
    The hostel he ran above the jolly fryer chippy, for homeless young ladies was not a brothel, and his explanation of the girls having an abnormal amount of male relatives visiting them, was not a subject of ridicule as they implied.
    Cousin Leroy swerved to miss a squirrel in central Manchester and unfortunately crashed through the window of Victoria wines. Immediately the police took the wrong view and could not be convinced the wine found in the boot of his Ford Capri was for communion at the Church of wayward girl scouts and latter day louts.
    I resent the implication that my sister is a Madame in a bondage cellar. She was rehearsing a play about slavery in the west Indies, when they burst in making their accusations. The gentlemen were white it is true, and dressed as bikers, but it was a contemporary theme and there is nothing sinister in that.
    The whips, shackles and instruments of torture were for atmosphere.
    It boils down to the fact that any innocent black brother walking out in the early hours of the morning are automatically guilty. The knives found on them are innocent tribal artifacts.
    They do not seem to bother hikers and boy scouts on Snowdon or in the Cumbrian hills as this is white mans turf. Some poor bro found in Brixham or Hands worth with a knife then oh yes, its sinister arrest him.
    A Few weeks ago me and a few of the bloods are in Brecon, and there are these geezers walking around in green school type berries, they all have knives, and guns, police reaction........... nothing.
    I could write a book. Pure discrimination is what it is. :twisted: :twisted: :cry: 8O :(
  6. I was refering to Baby P's stepfather who was 'Napalmed' mate, sorry for the confusion.
  7. Ah, roger.
  8. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Sadly it's the same methodology used to recruit extremist Muslims. I got back from the ME last weekend, I spent an interesting evening chatting with my client's 88 year old dad, a nicer and wiser gent you couldn't meet, did I mention extremely rich?. His biggest concern was poverty and education, his words were something along the lines that you can convince a poor fool of anything, what has he got to loose by believing it; we all want the same things and we aren't always fussy how we get them, the enemy is ignorance. His comments were not necesarily in that order and he was more coherent than I was during this conversation but it made me realise how similar we all are, racists and bigots exagerate the differences because it best suits their agenda, fools fall for it because they want to.
  9. ChiefTiff, never a truer word spoken there I'm afraid.
  10. I understand the makers of 'Cludedo' have, in the spirit of 'inclusiveness' added a black guy along with Colonel Mustard et al. Now all you have to do is find the weapon and the room.

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