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You'm doan wanna be a standin' there Jack


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I've just had this flashback and would like to share....
I was watching a programme on satelite about 'supertanker' building and all that modern modular construction nonsense. Lots of welding flashes and such.

As the welder (or cutter) did his thing my mind went straight back to when I was welding sentry doing the fire watcher thing in refit (Christ it's boring) in Guzz. The cutter was using compressed air to aid the oxyacetaline (sp) method. I said boring...but this time things were a little different. There's me and an AFFF extinguisher and a Jan Docky welder at the bottom of number eleven dock at (OMGIL...oh my god it's late) night. The boat is looming overhead like some great black lump of malevolent mass and it's round about January time.

The job was on the ballast tanks underneath the starboard foreplane area. I set up to be near but nor too near the job after a quick skeg above and below to check for rags and sleeping yardies and such.

The Docky welder in a broad West Country accent says 'you'm doan wanna be standin' there move back a bit, a lot....these things spark a bit dunum'. 'Yeah well I've done plenty of welding jobs and I think I'll be alright'.....'ok, youm know best'...I should have known by the smile on his face.

Jesus Christ talk about horizontal fire works...Jan Docky did a tiny little cut away from me out into the middle of the dock............I was pretty agile in those days and I don't think I used any of the ladders to get well out of the way. His mate said in passing 'doan worry Jack, hims always doin' thaaaat'.

Grinding cutting produces sparks...this cutting produced white molten metal spraying about fifty feet in a wide arc. There was me and my one AFFF thinking 'I'm going to need a green meanie if this kicks off, I must speak to the Chief Stoker tomorrow and tell him my thoughts!

Memories....I've got one about monel welding in the RC using the argon method...but that's a long un!


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You just gotta love the Jan Dockie - wandering around in their green ovies - "Green Locusts" we used to call them. Being a local, there were a lot of people I either grew up with, went to school with or played football against. It came in handy when you wanted anything done - easy when you can speak the language......


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SELJUK said:
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I can see why nobody has replied. :toilet:
You did! :thumright:

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