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Right Royals, your services are needed. Our comrades on AARSE have encountered a guy who's more of an oddball than me (and that's saying something). He's claiming to have got some sort of Certificate with the RM and SBS - it's all goobledegook to me - can you confirm if this guy is a walt? If so, can you assist AARSE in their venture...

Here's the guy...


Here's his dodgy certificate...

Here's some links to his dodgy sites...

And here's the link to the AARSE discussion on him...
Can't access the Airsoft site without joining them!!heheh

Anyway------airsoft like paintball is latching on to a lot of wannabees who dress up like the real thing and go and play goodies and baddies .
Its harmless ---- they usually play during weekends then go back to normal on Mondays!!

They obviously prefer that to the real thing


War Hero
Nice brow bolt,not sure its quite regulation though.The certs look like theyve been "shopped".Also i think this should give a clue

Our team has nothing to do with the M.O.D.
Airsoft is a sport & a hobby

The you got to buy all this kit:

Mp5 A4 - £154.99
MP5 torch grip - £54.99
SMG mount - £24.99
30mm red dot scope - £34.99
Starter Pack - £74.99 or £99.99
Total with 1 battery Starter Pack - £344.95

All just to play squaddies with toy guns!
Hes a complete nutter!I hope some pleasant chaps from the SBS join his little game and give him some "pointers".
More follow on's from the political correct

They stopped kids from having toy guns and playing

so you can now do it as a grown up!!

Some of the replica's are quite real ------------and expensive!!
Why can't they play with water pistols filled with beer... much more fun at a BBQ! I can't see why if they're so keen they don't join up. Free uniform. Uniform upkeep allowance. Free training, the lot, especially when you think of the shortages in the Reserves at the mo.

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