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From Slim's link

This is because in other walks of life ‘expenses’ refers to the reimbursement of sums spent in the course of one’s work. In the case of the European Parliament, however the situation is quite different: ‘expenses’ refers to a remarkable stream of non-taxable income, well, actually to four remarkable streams of tax-free income.
I was on a course with a UK party researcher working in Brussels. He told me what a 'good screw' the EU Parliament could be for anyone without scruples. He said he had the morals not to milk it but the EU was paying for his tenuously relevant course. I was paying myself.

Having seen service personnel 'go down' for fiddling expenses it's worth highlighting (I have on ARRSE) the Blunkett precedent. I didn't know such a thing (warrant/rail ticket to his bit on the side) wasn't allowed. I'll pay it back. Sorted.

Slim, can I ask you (and everyone else initiating a thread) to make thread titles give an indication of content? It helps readers and reduces the chance of duplicated threads. Thank you.


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Many thanks Slim. ARRSE sometimes gets up to three concurrent threads on the same subject if a title is vague. Usually just for major stories and of course RR isn't nearly as busy.
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