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Is there any decent TV that I can watch without having to pay through the nose for the all the shite that is on Sky?

**** this, I am seriously considering jacking in the TV.


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I don't have Sky, Virgin or any of that cack. I have freeview on my telly. To be honest, i prefer music to telly. Just as well because telly is ******* shit in general.
Sky people are odd.

Recent conversation (condensed and adapted):

'Do you want Sky telly stuff?'


'How much is your broadband and all that other bollocks?'

'No idea. About this much'

'Well we can offer you Sky for this much plus £5 a month so you save loads'

'But I don't want Sky so how is having it for extra cost saving anything'

'Well you get all this for £5'

'But I don't want it'

'Yes, but ...'

I drew my special James Bond killing people down the phone noise machine (or was it the Avengers?) and finished her off. Shame really, she was only trying to do her job.

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