You wouldn't steal money from a war pensioner?

Is it morally OK for MPs to sponge off the poor taxpayer?

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There's a short video on some of my DVDs reminding customer that copying films is stealing. Perhaps we need new DVDs for incoming MPs on the following quasi-poetic lines. Further suggestions for getting this difficult and challenging message across to our masters, in an easily digestible and memorable way would be welcome.... particularly to prospective, current and former members of the House of Commons Administration Committee.

You wouldn't steal sweets from a child!
You wouldn't steal your son's iPod!
You wouldn't steal your partner's purse!
You wouldn't steal money from your grandad's war pension!
Stealing is a against the law!
Stealing is a crime!

You wouldn't steal taxes from hard pressed pensioners!
You wouldn't impose student loans on the poor but subsidise your own offspring with taxpayers money!
You wouldn't condemn spongers off the taxpayer whilst sponging off the taxpayer yourself!
Claiming money from taxpayers you cannot account for is fraud.
Fraud is stealing!

Stealing is a crime.... er :slow: ...unless you're an MP.......... :mad:
A great picture. Kids love pigs. I hope they've got a ball to play with.

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Pigs are very intelligent and make quite good pets.

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