You Tube Vid & 10 Downing St Petition for Stolen Honour

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Visitor_from_ARRSE, Sep 29, 2009.

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  1. Am visiting your hallowed Grey War Canoe boaty type site from ARRSE to ask if you would consider visiting a You Tube Video on stolen honour that is trying to draw attention to Walter Mitty type folk who dress up in Uniform and wear false medals.

    It links through to an online Petition to 10 Downing Street to make it illegal to impersonate HM Forces.

    If you could vote for the Video on YT & leave a comment and then click on the link and go to the Petition.

    We would really appreciate any support & for you to share the YT link with mates & family in your email address book and cascade it :wink:

    Many thanks indeed
  2. Welcome on board and please repair to the Good CO's guest suite where you'll find a fully stocked fridge of complimentary liquids.

    It should include failed pollies who get knighthoods and peerages!

    Please could you post a direct link to the petition for those here who cannot access U tube at work?
  3. Although against folks who wear official medals they have not been awarded, I fail to see why anyone would seek to stop the wearing of commemorative medals.
    Personally I do not wear what I was given so I would hardly go and buy a commemorative. But if a bloke served in the far flung and wants everyone to know then surely that's his prerogative.
    Do we start banning fancy dress and all else. If its fraud with real medals fair enough, but not a witch hunt on wannabees with commemoratives.

    Can't generate that kind of enthusiasm.
  4. Missed out "sleek black messengers of death" and agree with Rumrat.

    if it's people wearing unentitled medals to promote themselves for personal gain.....nail them, sad wannabee's...take the p1ss and shame them
  5. Visitor. Welcome; but what they said. What you’re proposing sounds very Amuracun.
  6. But think of the offence caused by Prince thingamyjig when he wore that SS uniform. There were dozens of complaints by former SS officers who objected to the fact that he hasn't earned the right to wear the Totenkopf.

    On a more serious note, many people impersonate MPs. It is not illegal to do so unless it is a cover, ironically, for fraud. Is the criminal law the best way to address mental health issues such as delusions of being special. I would prefer we prosecute those who defraud the taxpayer by making dishonest expenses claims (s4 of the Fraud Act) or making false claims about properly equipping our forces.

    Thingy, ex-Nozzy Nozzer! :oops:
  7. I agree on the banning of wearing medals, military insignia, badges, etc. But I dont think banning people from wearing camouflage clothes would work.
  8. Had a look and 25% of the signataries were p155 takes, is it worth signing :?
  9. I think it is worth signing,worked damn hard to reach Chief and my dolphins,take the mick if you want jack,lets face it thats what matelots do best but have a look at the video and look at arrse as well,opens your eyse. Yes I am an ex STAB as well as a navy pensioner! Also now volunteer as a cadet instructor,need to get a life,move on and let go I know!
  10. Banning of the wearing of any military insignia or uniforms as suggested would be virtual unworkable in reality.
    I still have remnants of my service uniform (sad I know), but it is an enjoyable memory, am I supposed to be banned from trying it on (difficult as I'm not a lean mean machine these days) after having a few beers and reminiscing - not that I gallivant around the countryside ..... yet !! :wink:

    Who would police this ? Another layer of National or Local Council Stasi, all employed at Taxpayers expense ?

    And where would the line, if any, be drawn ? There are those who re-enact in Roman, Napoleonic, Edwardian eras.
    How about those retired Senior Officers who still wear their uniforms to mess functions ?
    A law would surely encompass all those who were not serving, because you can bet your bottom dollar, someone in authority (stasi) would not be able to differentiate.

    There are many organisations who wear period uniform for the film and TV industry, and for re-enactment purposes for the enjoyment of, possibly, millions of the visiting public (think The Tank show, Folkestone Militaria Show, and the Kent County Show, just to name a few) of which I am one - if this were banned, there could be a stop on all war action movies possibly, and all we would have is Romcoms .... 8O :pukel:

    I wore military badges as a young sprog long before I enlisted, and no doubt many on this site also did, brass army cap badges on a belt that were collected and swapped with schoolmates, is anyone suggesting this would be then against the law ?

    IMHO just showing the walts up here on RR or Arrse, and/or embarrassing them (a la Jim Shortt) would be far more effective, and far more enjoyable by those of us who serve, or who have served.
    It is not necessary to have a law, we already have far to many resticting our lives thanks to the minority gobshites in power.
    The walts soon get found out by those who keep their eyes open, and they are soon brought to our attention on these sites.
  11. Agree with whitemouse.

    Such a restriction would chop the bottom out of the Government Surplus clothing/equipment market. Even less Appropriations in Aid to fund the sharp end.
  12. Pleeeese! Not another petition to make something else illegal. So what if some sad Walt wants to dress up? We, the country, have enough problems trying to cut down really criminal acts, and adding another bit of legislation to the pile of crap already there will be a total waste of time. The petition that ARRSE should be starting is for withdrawal from Afghanistan tout suite, rather than lose any more young lives for feck all except "the special relationship".
  13. whitemouse
    "Banning of the wearing of any military insignia or uniforms as suggested would be virtual unworkable in reality.
    I still have remnants of my service uniform (sad I know), but it is an enjoyable memory, am I supposed to be banned from trying it on (difficult as I'm not a lean mean machine these days) after having a few beers and reminiscing - not that I gallivant around the countryside ..... yet !! "

    You can wear your uniform as long you do not bring the RN down,weddings etc its allowed no...encouraged!!
  14. This I know, but it is not what I was saying.
    I reiterate, because the petition reads to me as wanting to ban all who use/wear military insignia/medals etc:

    If you start to involve lawmaking, then officialdom (petty little adolfs who think they have the power) gets heavily involved, and then you have the officials being unable to differentiate between entitled/non-entitled, because, let's face it, intelligence is not really a prime requirement in government these days, just the pc ability to tick the right boxes.

    Perhaps we should all have an official Retired Military ID Card (there is some available through Forces Reunited) - that would please Nu Liebour - more control over the masses!

    Why pass a law ?
    Who will police it ?
    Who pays for the policing of it / checking whoever is wearing it, is he/she is authorised to wear it ?

    It's honourable being concerned about the possible misuse, and I am as proud, as you and many others are, of the time I served and the work I put into being rated, but there are too many obstacles to this being effective.

    I still think the best way is to out them, and totally embarrass them, when they are discovered.


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