You think you've got problems in the UK now.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by NZ_Bootneck, Aug 24, 2007.

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  1. Hello,

    At least we will have somebody to help with childcare over here.

  2. Welcome aboard Babba, luckily for you we can't check your age.
    Yeah Brits is hoping to open a Childminding/Au Pair School, its only fair I suppose, we shifted that fat munter 'Supernanny' onto the Septics so some return fire had to be expected.
    Plus it gives the brassic Aristocracy some one to sell a bit of land/property to. :thumright: Bonus.
  3. Based on your post I think you need the child care, does mummy know you are at the puter?
  4. Phil, he ain't no kid mate, but he IS ginger!
    (oh he's gonna flash at me on Monday for that one!) :D
  5. Don't shout to loud matey!!

    Football superstar David Beckham and his club LA Galaxy are set to play the Wellington Phoenix at Westpac Stadium on December 2.

    Beckham is likely to be accompanied by his pop star wife Victoria, who is keen to visit New Zealand, :pukel: although it is not known whether they will bring their children, the New Zealand Herald reported.

    I shall pray that she decides not to stop
  6. NoOOoooo, anything but the Queen of the Chavs. Celine Dion's been allowed to buy half of Central Otago (Perhaps a slight exaggeration) haven't we suffered enough.
    NZB :crying: :crying:
  7. Rumour has it that Lindsey Lohan, Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie are being deported to NZ for rehab, permanently. Let the All Blacks get hold of 'em and that should derail their World Cup campaign!
  8. All Blacks have gone all Metrosexual, eyeliner and hair gel FFS.
    Still I'm sure they'd line up to give those 3 a right good reaming, which in my opinion would solve all their problems, that and a good feed or three.
  9. Feck me, metrosexual? Thought they were all Maori and couldn't spell their own name? Eyeliner and Gel? hmm. this should be interesting. Wonder if the Welsh will share the same dressing room and swap thongs at the world cup?

    Yep, a good whacking up the old pooper shooter and a couple of steaks to get the bee stings growing wouldn't go amiss on that lot!

    Hehe, I hope the French (puke) stiff the All Blacks just like in the '99 semi final. I won a 1000 bucks on that game and I fecking hate the French with gusto.
  10. No thanks, please pursuade her to stay!
  11. The queen of Chav in NZ?
    I bet a lot of people on here thought (until now) that it was fairly civilised place:lol:
    My only lasting memory of the place is somewhat manic drivers.
  12. Hopefully her promises have the same veracity as Andrew Lloyd Webber... in which case we're safe. And to think I voted Labour because ALW promised to emigrate if Labour won power!
  13. You too I thought I was the only one. :rambo: :rambo: :threaten: :threaten: :threaten:

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